How do you change the back spark plugs on a 1999 BUICK Regal?

If it is anything like my 1990 Regal v6, you have to "rock" the engine forward. The easiest way it to undo the two supports at the top front, pull the engine forward, and latch one of the supports with the little loop that is on the underside of the support. Doesn't give you a ton of room, but it works.


Remove your strut support bar I use a sleeping bag cushion and lay on top of the motor having a good assortment of sockets and extensions is helpful using a spark plug socket and a pullbar with a 3/4 socket which which fits the end of the spark plug socket or use a short extension to loosen old plugs wearing lightweight gloves may be helpful when removing plug wires from plugs highly recommend using Iridium spark plugs ac 41-101 also antiseize compound on plug threads and boot grease inside boots