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It souds simple but I do not know if certain cables have certain voltage requirements.

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Q: How do you change the battery cables on a 1997 Ford F-150?
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Clicking noise F150 2000?

The starter or battery cables/terminals are corrode.

How do you change the battery on a 2001 Ford F150?

How do you remove and replace the battery on a 2001 Ford F150?

What could be wrong if the battery light is on and the 1999 ford F150 still runs and starts up?

check your battery cables. could be old or just loose.

How do you change the blinkers bulbs in your 1997 Ford Taurus?

blinker blubs on a 1997 f150 front blubs

Where is the starter located on an 1997 f150?

On the 6 cylinder it's on the lower part of the passenger side (US) of motor. Most rear drive vehicles have the starter on the right or left side of the motor, just follow the battery cables down.

How do you change the battery in a 2005 Ford F150 pickup?

To change the battery in a Ford (2005) F150 pickup truck - one needs to open the hood and identify where the battery is. It should be on the passenger side, right next to the chassi. You need to disconnect the positive and negative leads and unscrew the bolts holding the battery. You then can replace the battery using the same setup.

You got 1997 f150 ford it wil not turn oven good battery?

check your starter or starter relay.

How i you change the battery terminal on a 2002 ford f150 truck?

Disconnect and remove the battery. Cut off the spoiled terminal and replace. Replace battery. Reconnect.

How do I change the battery cables in my f150?

Just follow the cables to your strater and take off the nuts holding them in place. You will have a negative ground going to the firewall. Take that bolt off then follwo the smaller lead off from your positive to the firewall and remove that. Reach through your fenderwell and you will see where the cables are clamped to to a bracket that is bolted to the frame. Unbolt that one and your done. Takes about 30 minutes.

2002 F150 wont start battery is good all I hear is a clicking noise what could it be?

Cables clean and tight on the battery? If so probably the starter solenoid. (Older F150s located just behind the battery on the passenger inner fender).

Why would there be no electrical power at all in 1980 ford f150 even headlights wont work battery is good?

Assuming both battery cables are fastened securely at both ends, look for a burnt-out fusible link.

How do you replace positive battery cable on 1997 Ford F150?

Remove - battery cable Remove + battery cable from battery and starter solenoid Route new cable following original routing Connect to starter solenoid Connect to + battery terminal Connect - battery cable

1990 pick up it starts fine first time after a few hours driving if you shut if off it wont start why?

I had this problem in my 1990 Ford F150. The battery cables were bad and weren't carrying the charge from the alternator to the battery

How do you change front turn signal in 1997 ford f150?

No idea! If anyone knows how to do this please tell!

What causes the battery not to hold a charge on a 1997 F150?

Defective battery or something is pulling power from the battery. Check the glove box light, interior lights, trunk light, hood light, brake lights, etc.

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1997 F-150?

I am having trouble finding the fuel pressure relief valve on my 1997 F150 pickup.

Where is the power distribution box on 1999 Ford F150?

In the engine compartment , on the drivers side , by the brake fluid reservoir ( Ford recommends disconnecting your battery cables before servicing anything in the PD BOX , although some people have problems BESIDES resetting the preset radio stations and relearning the idle after disconnecting the battery cables )

Why want a 2001 ford f150 supercrew with 5.4 v8 start has good battery and cables?

Check the starter and the cable from the starter to the starter relay. Also, the relay itself. Could be any of these.

What would cause a engine to turn but not start after changing the battery 1986 ford f150 302?

do u have spark and fuel???? do u hook up the jump per cables back words ??????

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 1988 f150?

Your battery is not being charged

1997 ford f150 4.6 liters how many quarts of oil takes?

( 6 ) quarts with engine oil filter change

Why is your battery light on and Battery meter pegged high on the instrument panel in your 2002 F150 pickup Alternator If so how do you change it out?

I had this problem. The alternator was fine, it was the battery that was bad. The alternator was "pegging" out the indicator bc it was trying to charge the battery, but it wasnt taking charge. Take the battery out and have it checked.

What kind of damage would be done to a 97 ford F150 if tow truck hooks cables wrong what could?

were did the tow truck hook the cables at ????????

How to change the Belt on a Ford 2002 F150 V8?

I need to change out the alternator on my 2001 f150 supercrew. how do I do it?