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How do you change the battery in a 2002 Pontiac Aztek?

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We bought our 2001 Aztek used. It did not come with an Owners manual. So we bought one on CD. Just in the event we needed to do something like replacing the battery. Unfortunately it does not tell you how to replace the battery. I am quite capable of taking things apart until it will come out. It would just be nice to know the simplest method. After searching I foud this; I had to do this (subject line) at work today and thought I'd post it for the heck of it (and for the groups.Google archive) It was a 2001 model but that shouldn't matter. It's about a 20 minute job with the RIGHT tools. 1. Use 10mm ratcheting box wrench to detach fuse block from fender, then "move" it a little out of the way. 2. Use 3/8" drive air-ratchet with 12" extension and both a 13mm swivel socket and 10mm swivel socket to remove the strut tower brace bolts. 3. Use the above, with the 13mm, to remove battery hold down bolt and wedge. 4. Use 5/16" ratcheting box wrench to remove battery cable terminal bolts from battery. 5. Carefully using both hands, tilt inner (closer to engine) edge of battery up at about a 30 to 45 degree angle, then remove battery. Reverse to install. (never TIGHTen things with an air-ratchet, though ;-) )

2006-11-17 23:27:23
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Green. The 3.4 motor does not have any aluminum parts internally, so green is standard.

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Might be a stuck brake light switch its located at the top of the brake pedal

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It depends on if you have the Driver information center or not the owners manual will let you know or most dealerships will do it for you no charge

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Most places that sell oil filters will have an application catalog for the brands they sell and employees that will help you with the selection.

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no the prom is fixed it only resets ( program read only memory)

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Yes (all Azteks have the same engine. Mind you, Azteks were only made from 2001-2005) - GM 3400 3.4-liter V6 185 Horse Power and 210lbs of torque. Many GM cars have this engine, including the Pontiac Grand Am, which says "RAM AIR" under the hood, but has no such thing. :-D lol

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2002 PONTIAC AZTEK 3.4L 6-cyl Engine CAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........4.6 quarts[1]1. After refill check oil level. Since the Year was not provided here is a General Idea Double Check it at the "Capacity Lookup" I provided you. Happy Oil Change.

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More than likely DOT3 but to make sure look on the top of the master cylinder cap. It is always written there.

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Just disconnect the battery terminals for a couple of minutes then reconnect them.

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What is the code for unlocked the radio in Pontiac aztek 2002?

you need to call the dealer and make sure you have your vin and some dealers charge for the code mine didn't so just call and find out

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Typically, a bad or "going bad" alternator.

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