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Remove any braces in the way; remove black or ground cable; remove positive cable, the remove the hold down bolt with a 13mm socket on a 6" extension on a ratchet. Reverse procedure ;the ground is the last thing you should put on. Good luck

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โˆ™ 2005-10-24 19:17:56
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Q: How do you change the battery in a 98 cavalier?
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How do you change headlight relay switch on 98 cavalier?

where is the readlight relay, on the 98 chevy cavalier sedan? thank you.

How do you change an o2 sensor on a 98 Chevy Cavalier?

don't have the foggiest

How do you unlock the stereo of a 98 cavalier after a battery change?

Any Chevy dealership can provide you with the code needed. Proper instructions on "how to reset the code" can be found in the car's owner's manual.

Will headlights from a 2002 cavalier fit in a 98 cavalier?


Why are Ets and engine light on in 98 Chevy cavalier?

Why are ets and engine light on in 98 Chevy cavalier

How do you change the rear speakers in a 98 cavalier?

take the old ones out and put the new ones in. :)

1997 cavalier will not start after alternator change?

did you unhook the battery before replacing the alternator

Will the battery out of a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier fit in a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier?

The battery out of a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier will fit into a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier. Both have the same size battery bay and similar cranking requirements.

How do you replace the wheel bearing on a 1998 Cavalier?

need a step through on how to change the front wheel bearings on a 98 cavalier. Have 225,000 miles what else should I look for while in there?

What makes a automatic car not change gears in a 98 cavalier?

low tranny fluid. transmission may need rebuild.

Does a 98 cavalier have a map sensor?


How do you change the alternator on a 98 cavalier?

* Disconnect the negative battery cable.If the vehicle is equipped with a delco loc 2 or theftlock audio system make sure to have the activation code before disconnecting the battery. * Remove the drivebelt * Label and detach the wires from the backside of the alternator * Remove the mounting bolts and separate the alternator from the engine

How do you change the valve cover gaskets on a 98 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L?

To change the valve cover gaskets on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L, disconnect the battery cables. Then use a wrench to loosen the valve cover bolts. Remove the old gasket from the cover and the manifold using a cleaner designed for this purpose (found at automotive parts stores). Put adhesive on the manifold, and valve cover. Line with a new gasket on the valve cover and replace the valve covers. Tighten the bolts and re-connect the battery.

Does a window motor in an 98 cavalier fit a 02 cavalier?

Yes, 98 & 02 are the same motor. Driver side & passenger side are interchangeable.

How do you replace a crank sensor on a 98 cavalier?


Where is the speed sensor on a 98 Chevy Cavalier?

in the axle

Is the battery for a 1996 cavalier the same size as the battery for a 1992 lumina?


Should the clock light stay on after the key is turned off on a 98 cavalier and could this be draining the battery?

the alarm system for the radio is draining the batteries remove the radio fuse when you parl

How do you change a coil pack in 1997 cavalier?

How do you change a coil pack on a 1997 cavalier

What kind of rear brakes does a 98 Chevy cavalier have?


Why Cavalier 98 engine is not running smooth?

because you broke it!!

Price of Chevrolet Cavalier 1992 battery?

price of Chevrolet cavaleir 1992 battery

Will a 95 cavalier transmission with the quad 4 bolt up to a 98 cavalier with the 2.4 Is the bell housing the same?


Will a engine out of a 98 Chevy Cavalier fit a 95 Chevy Cavalier?

As long as it is the same displacement. Liters/cid. It should

Are the 98 model cavaliers also equipped with a sealed tranny?

I have a 98 cavalier and its tranny is yes.