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I humble feel for you, may deer fellow in despair. But don't panic this isn't a very hard procedure after all. But the parts to do it with is kind of tricky to get. The battery has a very peculiar size and performing figures. Therefore, be very sure to get the right battery. The easiest way to go is to bay a original Acdelco battery type ACD78-60. Now, when you got the battery, remove the relay box ( one screw at the front, and lift up) and the stupid plastic upper cover, what ever piece of plastic it is, just jerk it off, if it brakes throw it away. Now there is a black beam right over the battery that looks like it s a part of the car. It's a support bar for the front structure. Never the less it ha to make way for the operation. Remove it with socket and wrench (this step is significantly easier if you have a very long extension). Three bolts off and put it aside. When this is dune, remove the negative pole on the battery, and after that the positive. OK! The battery is disconnected and the code you need to get the car stereo system running again is lost, right? No serious, get the code for the car stereo BEFORE you disconnect anything. As far as I know, all Chevy car stereos are coded, and if the battery is disconnected or completely drained, you have to punch in the code to get the stereo to operate again. Now to the last part of removal. Getting the battery it self out of the car. Don�t start crying on men now. It's mess, I know and the engineer how invented this battery bracket should be spanked whit it hard. In the abyss between the battery and the wiper fluid tank (is it called that in US) there is a bolt holding a vague piece of plastic. Unscrew this bolt if you can. My best of luck. Really! OOOH and use gloves, your knuckles will be busted. If the bolt just spins and doesn't unscrew, its because the nut under the bracket is spinning whit it. Now are you mad ? Ooh yes your com on admit it.. you want to smack some thing hard. But take it easy there is a solution. Take a long screwdriver with a sharp tip and a steady handle, about half an inch wide tip and a foot long shaft. Put the tip between the battery and the piece of plastic bracket were the bolt is. Now add one hammer to the screwdrivers upper end, hard, and chop off the part of the batter under the bracket (takes some 20 repositions of the screwdriver to get the hole piece off). Be very careful not to aim the screwdriver in to the battery it can brake it and acid fluid leak is the last thing you need right now. Once the battery and bracket are separated lift out the battery. the worst part is left to come. Now you have to remove the hole battery base plate to get the bracket bolt out. But first gather your friends and family, turn to your religious forum for support ( Despite your previous belief, I could recommend you to try Buddhism or Hare Krishna for a day) and pray, pray hard, to get these four bolts to work with you. Try to remove as much dirt as possible around the four bolts holding the base plate and remove theme with a god socket and wrench. Do not use a pare of pliers or adjustable wrench, because if this fails: you my friend have a very real problem. Once the plate is removed I cant help you any more. I simply doesn't remember what I did next, I was so mad I just... Well with the battery base plate in my hand I got, the bolt holding the bracket, out some how. And the nut that spun got glued with epoxy. In total it took me one day to change my battery. May I add it was In my carbine in the forest, no garage, and it rained about 14 that day. When I say Good Luck, there are no irony at all.

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Q: How do you change the battery on your 01 venture?
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The location of the battery on a Chevy Venture is under the hood. It rests under the cross bar, which has to be removed to replace the battery.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plug cables and boots, and remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, attach the boots and cables, and connect the battery.

How can you charge not change the battery in your 1998 Chevy venture how do you access the negative side of the battery?

You don't need to get to the negative side of the battery. If it's hidden or difficult to reach, you can just connect the negative side of the charger to any solid metal structure on the body or engine.

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You disconnect your battery and then reconnect your battery again.

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At least on a 2003 Venture, there is a door in the back of your glove box that opens where the air filter is at to change.

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this happen to me and turned out to be corrosion on battery terminal, clean them very good.

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Disconnect your battery. Yup..It's that simple.

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Alternator is going out? battery is going bad?

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Your solenoid is bad.