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How do you change the blinker bulb on a 1999 Ford F-250 power stroke?


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2005-11-07 21:11:55
2005-11-07 21:11:55

Which bulb are you speaking of? The in-dash indicater or your outside turn signal?


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Just change the fluid, it should be right next to the oil dipstick under the hood

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Get under the car reach behind the bumper reach towards the blinker then find the wire that goes to it. Then twist the end left and pull out the light bulb in and and replace. For the headlight blinker you have to unscrew the headlight with either a 10 or 13mm socket...pull it out...then twist the end that goes into the blinker left...replace bulb....put things back together....done.

its on the heater core box on the top of the passenger side of the engine compartment, help on by a bracket with three nuts

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From inside the trunk pull back the carpet and get access to the tailight assembly. Remove the fasteners on the tailights then unscrew the bulbs and replace.

its up under the driver side dash. remove the bottom panel and it will be there on the right hand side. you just pop the new one in.

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No it is under the dash normally located near the fuse panel.

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