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How do you change the blower motor resistor on a 2000 Pontiac grand am?


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2008-09-13 18:47:52
2008-09-13 18:47:52

Please email me a photo of where the blower motor resistor is and how to change it. Thanks, Michael. By the way I want it for a 2000 Sunfire not a Grand Am.


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Resistor is located behind the blower motor assembly.

Check for a bad blower resistor at blower motor

the resistor is directly behind the blower motor under the dash

easiest to pull blower motor then you can get at resistor, best to have a flexible extension (not a swivel) and you can access the bolts easier

trying to locate ,the resister to the blower motor foe 2003 grand prix gt

The resistor is to the left of the blower, it is very hard to get to. You'll have to almost stand on your head to change it.

The blower rheostat on a 93 Pontiac Grand Am is located inside the engine bay, just to the right of the blower fan housing. It is almost directly behind the trans dipstick. It isn't that hard to replace.


Typically a relay or resistor. But could be a blower switch or blower motor problem.

Underneath the blower motor once you remove it it should be atachech with 3 screws near the upper lining

the heater resistor is located under the passenger sides dash (near the passengers feet). there is an access panel that you pull off. some have clips holding it on, some have screws. the blower resistor is located in the blower box. the resistor itself you will not be able to see, only the connector. usually there is about 5 wires on this connector and they are in a row. disconnect the connector, there is usually 1 or 2 screws that hold the resistor in the blower box. remove screws, remove resistor from the blower box. reverse procedure for reassembly. .

On a 2001 it is under the dash, glove box side. You should be able to see that it is burnt.

i have an 03 grand prix and yes it was the blower motor resistor also check there is a fuse for fan low and fan high or something like that

The blower motor resistor circuit board has gone bad. Replace the blower motor resistor. I did Still dont work Try the fuses...Had the same problem and it was a blown fuse.

Blower wont work on all 5 speeds, usually the lower speeds tend to go first.

Bad blower motor fuse? Bad blower motor resistor pack? Bad blower motor - checck to see if it is getting power--if so bad motor Bad switch?

the blower moter resistor is located on the passenger side. remove kick panel under dash and it is staight up against the firewall. three 5.5mm bolts hold it in,it is very tight in there.gm Jim

the resistor is gonna be right off the blower motor attached to the blower motor by a wire harness should be by the heater core

Check out the following website for pics and instructions: http://www.oqcgp.com/forum/kb.php?mode=article&k=70 Hope this helps. "G"

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