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How do you change the blower motor resistor on a 2001 Dodge Dakota?

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2017-02-07 18:43:18

Under the passenger side dash/glovebox you will see a wiring

harness/connector. It can be hard to see unless you lay on your

back on the passenger floor. you will need a socket-and a

flashlight/light of some kind. An extension for your socket wrench

MAY help you get the right bolt out. If you are having trouble

getting the left bolt out you may need to remove the front bolt

from the plenum (the thing the air comes from when set to

floor/feet). There is a pain in the butt bolt behind the plenum

that you may need to loosen to get enough room to move the plenum

out of the way. Carefully push the plenum to the front of the truck

being careful to not break it! You just need enough room to get the

resistor bolt out.

Once you fight with the wiring harness and get it disconnected

READ THE RESISTOR INSTRUCTIONS! The new ones have extra tabs that

MUST be cut off, if this is the case there will be an instruction

sheet with the new resistor. I used a good pair of kitchen


Before installing the new one inspect the old one. If there is a

burnt looking pin (usually #2-second pin from left-there should be

numbers on both resistors) you will need to get a new wiring

harness, unfortunately I can only find one at the dealer or a

salvage/junk yard.

If everything looks good or you have now replaced the harness

bolt in the new resistor then carefully pull the plenum back into

place. It needs to fit correctly to work. There is a bit of flimsy

foam that needs to be in the right place so it won't block airflow.

If you accidentally ripped this off you can do 1 of 2 things.

1) use camper tape on the piece the plenum goes over. in other

words the piece that is attached to the truck not the removable

plenum. It will have to be thin camper tape

2) duct tape the outside of the plenum. there are other tapes

you can use but you need to be able to remove the tape for future


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