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Press both setting buttons together for about 5 seconds.

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How do you change the clock in a Mazda tribute from military to standard time?

When you are in the time change function turn the right side knob - says text above it - this allows you to change between 12 and 24 hour modes.

How do you change the sharp atomic clock from military time?

How do I change my time on Eastern time instead of military

How do you change the clock to normal time on a 1999 VW Beetle?

with key off press the hour and minute buttons at the same time and hold for a few seconds. This will change the clock from military time 24Hr. To standard time 12Hr. With key on and car running pushing these two buttons together will change the temp. From F to C.

Where is the clock in a mini cooper s 2005?

The clock is in the middle of the spedometer in the middle of the dashboard.

If you travel from eastern standard time zone to the western standard time zone you must change your clock by how many hours?

You must adjust your clock two hours back. When it's noon in Brisbane, it's 10 AM in Perth.

How do you change the time in a 2007 Chevy Equinox?

How do you set the clock in 2007 equinox..Take it off military time

How do you say the twenty four hour clock?

Twenty four hour clock or Military clock

How do you change the clock in Pokemon diamond?

change your ds clock

How do you get sharp spc 900 atomic clock time off of military time onto central?

The "Up" button will switch the Time Zones and the "Down" button toggles between Standard and Military Time.

How do you set the clock in a 2006 Mini Cooper?

To set the time in a 2006 Mini Cooper hold down the clock button on the dashboard and wait until the number in the hour position starts blinking. Continue to hold it down until it changes to the correct number. After the hour is changed wait a few seconds and press the clock button again. It will change to the minute position and repeat the same process.

How can you change a Sharp SPC900 Atomic Clock from Military Time to 12 hour format?

Press the down button on the back of the clock to go between 12 hour & 24 hour.

How TO change the clock 2004 rendezvous?

How TO change the clock 2006 rendezvous

When do you change your clock?

Gennerally at 4am in the morning but most people dont tend to be awake at that time so either the night before or the night after. However take into considiration that if you have work the next day that you may want to change it the night before on a standard alarm clock just incase.Or people may change there clock when there is a mis haps and they dont have the time

How do you change clock for 1999 Ford Expedition?

Change clock on 99 expedition

How do you change the day time on the desktop to a figure of clock?

This is not possible with a standard install of Windows. The clock on the task bar shows up in a digital format only. There may be some third party software that would change this but I'm not aware of any.

What is 15h30 in EST?

"Three-thirty in the afternoon" is the Eastern Standard Time (EST) equivalent of 15h30. The identification of time in this case as 15 hours 30 minutes reflects a military-model, 14-hour clock.

How many right angles are there in a clock?

Four right angles on a standard clock... I believe

How do you change the clock on the top display on your 2005 Acura TL I can get to the Navigation clock but it doesn't make the display clock change?

How do you change the internal time clock in Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

Change your DS's clock.

What is 11AM in Military Time?

11a.m. in military time is 1100 in USMC lingo, or 1100 hours if you are Army or Air Force. Note the civilian clock is a 12-hour clock, whereas military or European time is based on a 24-hour clock.

How do you reset the clock on a Mercedes s430?

Access your time and date change function in the COMAND function part of your stereo. When you turn on the stereo there will be a setting button on the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to the setting and enter on it. You will see time and date, scroll over to it and click on it. Change your time and date if necessary and you can even change whether you want it shown in military time or standard time.

Is there a clock in an 06 mini cooper?

Yes there is. It is digital, and seen next to the odometer reading.

If you travel from eastern standard time zone to the central standard time zone you must change your clock by how many hours?

1 hour. Example: 9 AM Eastern Time = 8 AM Central Time.

What is the standard height for wall clock?

About 2.5 metres.

Ford Fiesta 1997 clock doesnt work?

if the clock doesn't work then change the clock