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You have to access the gauges by removing the cover. Unless you know what you are doing, you can mess up a lot of things working on the dash.

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Q: How do you change the dashboard lamps on a 1998 Ford Ranger how easy is it and what is the bulb number?
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What does drl in the dashboard mean?

daytime 'running' lamps/lights.

How do you replace dashboard lamps on 1999 Saturn SC1?

Remove the instrument cluster then replace the bulbs. = =

What could be the problem when the dashboard lights and taillights are not illuminated on a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?

The park lamps fuse is blown

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Why will my 95 Ford Ranger low beams work but not the high beams?

If it's the same as the 1996 Ford Ranger , fuse # 33 is a 15 amp fuse for the High beam lamps

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How do I change the head lamps in a 2005 Mailbu

What would be the most likely cause of your dashboard lights not working on a 1995 306 lx?

fuse blown, loose connection or faulty LED's/lamps

What could be the problem when the dashboard lights and taillights are not illuminated?

Im 99% sure you have a fuse blown, its the parking lamps fuse. a fuse may be blown

How do you replace dashboard lamps on a 1995 mercury villager?

You need to remove the instrument cluster or control panels you want to work on to get access to the bulb holders.

What is the Number for the fuse for a 2007 Focus?

number 42 15amp stop lamps

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