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How do you change the dashboard light on a Peugeot 206?

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2007-05-31 17:00:11

Remove the plastic surround from instrument panel (lift it up

with a flat screw driver and run it around the edge to lift it up

and away). There is a plastic screw at the top in the middle

holding the dials in place - use a torx screwdriver (focus sell a

40pc screw driver set for £3.99 which includes a set of torx

heads). Pull the dials forward - they areclipped in at the bottom

somehow so you will feel a little resistance but pull hard enough

and they will come free). You might be able to access the bulbs now

- if not unclip the yellow and white connectors (push back the grey

clips and they push out the connectors) and you can remove the

entire instrument panel. To put back - do everything in reverse.

Hope that helps.

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