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Disconnect the negativ battery cable whenever working with anything electrical on a car. Then take the cap off and see where the rotor is pointing. Then remove the dist and make sure the new rotor is pointing the EXACT way the old one was when the dist is fully installled in the oil pump. Then the timing will have to be set with a light. To do this every car is different and you need a manual to do this. On the rotor simply remove the screws and remove the rotor./

Disconnect the battery negative cable.Mark each distributor wire before you disconnect them- it makes it alot easier to hook back up.. If youn have the cover plate still on over the distributor remove it.With a felt pen mark on the plenum and distributor side by side-this is your timing mark-it's crude but with out a light it will work.My distributor was red so the felt pen mark showed up. You might have to use the base of the distributor to get the mark.Next mark the position of the rotor. It must go back into the original postion-if your are close it will only go in one way the oil pump pickup is on the botton and these two must mesh for the distributor to go all the way down.It will only go down all the way 2 ways the right way and 180 degrees out.Remove all the connectors on the side of the distributor, loosen off the bolt on the passenger side, lift up the distributor and unplug the 4-way connector on the back. Change the rotor by removeing the two screws.If your this far-I'm sure you figured that part out.

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Q: How do you change the distributor and rotor on an 1985 Corvette and does anything need to be disconnected when doing so?
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