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You have to remove the door panels.

1. On the front doors, there should be 3 screws on each door.

1 on the side closest to the body of the car, 1 in the door handle, and 1 inside the arm rest. Remove all screws. 2. Firmly yet delicately pull the door panels off slightly from the door. Start from the sides or the bottom. 3. Unplug the electrics, door light and windows. 4. You should have full access to the speakers there. 5. Repeat the process to re-assemble the door panels. EEEEEEEEAAASYYYYYY!!!!!

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Q: How do you change the door speakers on a diamante?
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What size door speakers are in a 2002 Mitsubishi diamante?

The size of the speakers for the front door in a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante is 6 x 3/4 inches. The back speakers are 6x9 inches.

What size are the door speakers in a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante?

5.25" see

What size door speakers are in a 2003 Mitsubishi diamante?

5 1/4 per =============================== My Diamante had factory 6.5"

What size are the door speakers in a 1998 diamante ls with the infinity 6 speaker system?

6 inch

How do you get the door access panel to the speakers off so I can change speakers 2002 Mercury mountaineer?

i think you have to unscrew the whole door.

How do you change front speakers in 2002 monye Carlo?

pull the inside door panels off and then you can get to the speakers that are mounted on the inside of the door.

How to change speakers in 2001 blazer?

To change the front speakers, you will have to remove the door panels to expose the speakers. Once exposed, unhook them by disconnecting all the wires.

How do you change speakers on a 1996 Avalon?

Take the door pannels off of the interior of door, unscrew stock speakers, cut speaker wire, attach new speakers to the wires

How do you take off the door panels on a '99 explorer to change the speakers?

need help on taking my speakers out.

How do you change the door speakers of a Lincoln mk vIII?

Remove the door panel and then you get access to the speaker

How do you change speakers on a 2001 Saturn L200?

assuming you plan to change the speakers on the frond doors, remove the bottom screws on the door frame (they should be facing up), then remove the bottom half of the door panel. Unscrew the stock speakers and replace them with new ones. Then put the door frame back on the door.

How do you change the front door speakers in a 1996 Camry?

You have to remove the door panel, after that you will be able to replace the speaker.

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