How do you change the driver's side front turn signal lamp on a 2001 Ford Escape 4WD?

This is very difficult for a beginner to accomplish, however, there are 2 ways to attempt to do it. First, you can remove the bumper, battery, and entire wheel well assembly, or you can attempt to get to it from under the wheel well. The easiest way, that I have found, is to remove the bumper and the wheel well. To do this, there are several screws on the underside of the bumper; they have 10 mm heads, remove them. There are 2 10 mm screws holding the grill and bumper in place, at the top corners of the grill, remove them. there are several screws holding the wheel well to the bumper, along the outer edge of the well, remove them. They are snap in screws, so you may have to pry them out. There is one metal screw holding the wheel well to the body, at the upper, outer edge of the wheel well, remove it. There is also another snap in screw that is hidden under the wheel well. It is in the front of the well, about 14 inches up. There is a 10 mm screw that holds the front of the wheel well to another piece of molding that is attached to the underside of the vehicle. If you are looking at the front of the tire, from the outside of the well, it will be strait ahead, about 6" from the bottom of the well. Once you get this screw off, you must bend the plastic out from under the "skid plate" plastic cover. I chose not to reassemble the wheel well in this manner as it was too much of a pain to get it off. At this point, the front plastic of the wheel well should fold down. Bend it out of the way, but don't break it. Once you remove all of these screws, and move the bumper out of the way, you will be able to see the headlight assembly. There are 2 screws that hold the top of the assembly in place, one screw that holds the bottom front of the assembly in place (blocked by the bumper) and another screw that holds the far right side of the assembly in place (blocked by the bumper, almost at the wheel well) At the top, there are 2 points where the assembly snaps onto the frame, pry them up. There is 1 place, near the wheel well that is also snapped into place. Remove these screws and the headlight assembly will come out. Change the light, the mount twists out of the assembly. Re-assembly is the reverse of removal. Make sure everything is snug so the screws don't back out.