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The ignition module is not on the steering column. The module should be located on the distributor, on the outside, right below the cap. There should be a plug with a bunch of wires going to it. You will need a special tool to remove the small scews that hold it on.

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Use riveted in a sentence?

I was riveted to my father's agony.

Where do you look for the VIN on a 1981 Volkswagen rabbit?

On the dash on the drivers side on American vehicles that with left hand steering. It is a metal plate that is riveted to the dash.

Is the window regulator in a 94 cavalier convertible riveted or bolted in?

it is riveted in.

Using the word riveted in a sentence?

I found myself riveted as I listened to the speech.

What is an example of riveted in a sentence?

Lady GaGa's costumes are so gaudy that many people are riveted by her.

How do you replace the Key-lock cylinder in a 1993 Geo Metro LSI The assembly is riveted to steering columm?

I had a problem where the end of my key 'fell off' inside the ignition. I'm not sure how this happened, but it did and the ignition was rendered useless. As far as I know, you cannot actually change the cylinder inside the ignition. I settled for removing the entire unit. The rivets you mentioned are not actually rivets, but bolts without the hex head, presumably that way for theft prevention. If you're desperate you can take a dremel tool with a cutting wheel and either make a slice on one of the bolt heads so that you can use a screwdriver to remove it, or cut the strap holding it to the steering column - it's probably an easy replacement.

What rhymes with coveted?


What rhymes with riveted?


Where can you find the serial number on a case 1840 skid steer?

The machine serial number is located below the left steering lever. It should be on a plaque that is riveted to the face of the plate located beneath the seat.

What is another word for riveted?


Was the titanic welded or riveted?


What is opposite definition of riveted?


How are Army Tanks made?


Where are the vin on Jeeps?

On my '81, there is one plate riveted to the wiper motor bracket (visible through the windshield) and another riveted to the firewall.

Where is the vin on my motorcycle?

Most modern motorcycles have the VIN listed on the steering neck where the fork goes through the frame near the headlight. I have an old HD that only has the VIN listed on the side of the engine and nowhere on the frame. I also have an old Honda that has a tag riveted to the steering neck and would not take much to remove it.

Can you give me the word riveted In a sentence?

He captured ever ones attention. All eyes were riveted on him.Riveted means:Join or fasten (plates of metal or other material) with a rivet or rivets.Hold (someone or something) fast so as to make them incapable of movement.

What are the joints used in the Eiffel Tower?

They are riveted joints

What is efficiency of the riveted joints?

The efficiency of riveted joints is the ratio between the minimum strength of the joint against failure by tension, shear or bearing to that of the members without a joint .balamurugan.g

How to replace window regulator 1998 expedition?

regulater is riveted in

What is a riveted belt loop?

A riveted belt loop is a hole in a belt that is framed by a metal loop. On some belts, the loops are used to fasten the belt in place. While on others, it is strictly for decoration.

Why were liberty ships hard to sink?

They were welded rather than riveted.

Why the joints in bucket are riveted not welded?

it is easy to repair it if any problem exist

What type of bridge is the Quebec bridge?

the bridge of quebec is a riveted steel truss

How do you change a balljoint on a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000 gt?

I am not familiar with this car in particular but ball joints are either pressed in, bolted, or riveted into the control arms. On top of the ball joint is the steering knuckle, usually the ball joint is held into the steering knuckle with a pinch bolt. Which is easily removed. After the pinch bolt is removed you must force the control arm away from the steering knuckle which sometimes requires the use of an air hammer. Depending on what type of fit the control arm has with the ball joint, you will either need a special tool to press out the old ball joint and press in the new one, if the ball join is a press fit. Or if it is riveted you will have to carefully drill out the rivets and replace the new one with bolts. If it is bolted in you simply loosen the bolts and knock out the old ball joint. Installation is reverse.

Most liberty ships were hard to sink because they were?

instead of being riveted, they were Welded