Hyundai Accent

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2000 Hyundai Accent?

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May 08, 2007 1:07AM

most likely the filter is under the access panel under the rear 2002 accent is this way.remove 2 bolts between upper and lower seat.remove seat.carefully pry panel out.unplug sending unit.this also has power wires to fuel pump.start car.engine will run for a moment then die.repeat until it will not start.disconnect battery ground lead.the filter will have quick locking connectors ,2 tabs 1 on each side of connector.start with easiest one on filter first.keep a rag handy,to pick up spills,there might be residual pressure,mine did not but some gas came out anyway.keep a fire extinguisher handy.the other side of the filter is slightly under the sheet metal so follow the hose and remove from sending unit,filter will now come out with the hose,dont forget to unplug the ground wire.remove hose from filter by pressing the locking tabs.reinstall the hose the same way it came off, you will hear a click when the locking connectors are correctly installed ,on the new filter,now the filter n hose can be replaced in the car the same way you took it out.replace access panel n seat only after you started n ran your car to check for leaks.p/s dump a couple of glasses of water on the fuel tank area after you installed the filter n hooked up the wires to chase away any fuel that may have spilled in that area,then run the safe n good luck