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you have to remove the bumper and grill to get to the head light screws behind the bumper it is not that hard to do but it would be best if you got the repair manual from your local parts store i have the haynes repair manual and it told me step by step how to do it. it only took about 2 hours for me to do it but i installed fog lights in mine so i had a little extra wires to deal with.. hope this helps

2007-07-02 04:50:24
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Q: How do you change the head light assembly on a 2001 VW Jetta I see the upper screws. The lower screws are behind the bumper. I removed the grill and observed the torxs screws on the bumper?
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How do you remove the headlight assembly on a 2005 VW Passat GLX?

Remove the front bumper cover.... there should be 3 mounting bolts to remove the headlight after the bumper is removed.

How do you change the horn on a 1998 Grand AM GT and where is it located?

The horn is located behind the drivers headlight. To remove unplug harness, undo bolt in bumper assembly behind drivers headlight (must be removed first), and it slides out. To install new, follow steps in reverse.

Where are the horns on Saab 93 as you only have one working?

located behind the bumper cover under headlamp assembly

How do you remove the headlight so that you can replace bumper filler on a 1990 caprice?

there is 3 10 or llmm nuts on the back of the headlight assembly, then once that is removed there will be 4 torx screws that hold the headlight trim in place, once these are removed then bumper fillers can be installed.

How to change a headlight in a 1998 Dodge Neon?

I just removed both in my 1995 Neon to replace the gaskets. There are 6 bolts (all 10mm) that hold each headlight assembly to the car body: 2 on top that need to be completely removed 2 inside the inner grill that only need to be loosened 1 at the grill that needs to be removed 1 between the headlight assembly and bumper/fender. To get at this bolt, you have to work a 10mm box wrench or ratchet from underneath the car behind the bumper. There is not much room to turn the wrench so it does take a while.

Where is the horn located on a 2004 Chevy Impala?

On the passenger side below the headlight assembly, behind the bumper cover, accessable from the bottom.

How do you remove the headlight assembly on a 1992 Mazda mx3?

There is a bolt behind the bumper (next to the horn) which has to be removed. You need to partially remove the bumper on the side you're working on to get to it. I found that with a rachet spanner, it was possible to bend the bumper back a bit to get to it. I didn't replace the bolt when I fitted the new headlamp!! Other than that, remove the obvious bolts that you can see when the bonnet's open and the lamp connections...

Where is the horn located on a 2002 impala?

*** Should be under the passenger side headlight, behind the bumper. Remove the headlight assembly & you might find it...

How can I remove bumper stickers from my car?

Bumper stickers can be removed from a car. At first the bumper sticker should be dried with a hair drier. After one minute it can be removed. The are underneath the bumper stickers can be cleaned with water.

How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 2002 Jaguar X-Type?

You have to take the bumper out. Watch for hidden clips behind the bumper and work slowly. After removing the bumper taking headlight assembly out is as easy as removing couple of screws. Before you do that make sure you check both the bulbs and fuses for the headlights. Each light has it's own fuse

Where are the trailer towing wires on a 2004 endeavor?

They are tucked up and behind the rear bumper assembly. They are there you just have to dig for them. Should be able to reach with your hands.

99 cavalier right front turn signal replacement?

Reach behind the bumper of the 99 Cavalier. There are two nuts that hold the turn signal assembly in. Remove the nuts to take the assembly off and replace it.

How do you remove the headlight assembly located on a 1998 Ford Escort?

There are two ten mm bolts on top in the plastic header panel which must be removed. There are two more under the bumper cover. You must remove the bumper cover to access them.

How do you replace whole headlight assy on 2003 jetta?

To replace the headlight assembly on on 03 Jetta, the grill and front bumper have to be removed before you can get to the screws below the lamp.

How do you remove a 98 s10 rear bumper?

The rear bumper of a 98 Chevy S10 can be removed by disconnecting the rear wiring harness and taking out the retaining bolts. The bumper can then be removed from the frame and pulled from the vehicle.

Where is the horn on Peugeot 206?

The horn assembly is behind the front bumper. The horn push is in the centre of the steering wheel towards the bottom spoke. If the horn is not working or intermittent it is most likely to be the mechanical connection behind the wheel centre; a known fault. The airbag has to be removed to get to it. So unless you have a good manual and understand the process involved, it is best taken to a garage.

How do you change fog light on 2007 cadillac cts?

Under the front bumper there's a plastic trim piece that needs to be removed. Remove the pins that hold it into place and then you will be able to acess the fog light behind the rear bumper.

How do you replace fog lamp bulbs on a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica?

Behind the fog light and under the bumper, just rotate and the bulb assembly will pull out. Very easy.

How do you change the license plate lights on a Chevy Tahoe?

On my 98 Tahoe under the bumper behind the are where the tag is located you just pull the light assembly out. It has a little pressure clip. replace light and replace assembly the same way.

Where is the horn located on a vt commodore?

they are susally behind the front bumper, just get under your car and look behind the bumper you should see it

How do you remove the front bumper light assembly on a 1999 corvette?

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Where is the horn assembly on a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim?

There are two (2) horns behind front bumper. I believe that right side is high tone and left side is low tone.

How do you remove the headlight housing froma 1990 acura integra GS and you mean the ENTIRE headlight not just the bulb?

In order to remove the headlight assembly, you must remove the bumper (which is easier than it sounds and will only take about ten minutes or less). This will also save you time and aggravasion. The reason the bumper must be removed is that there are two brackets underneath the headlight assembly that are very hard to get to without this step. To remove the bumper: 1) remove the two screws from each of the front parking lights, 2) remove the connectors to the parking light assemblies, 3) remove two screws in each wheel well (forward area), 4) remove two 10mm bolts underneath the middle, front of the bumper, 5) remove three large head screws from the top middle of the bumper (in front of the hood latch), 6) hold the bumper and remove the two 11mm bolts from behind the parking lights - the bumper will drop after the bolts are out. There are five 10mm bolts holding the assembly onto the car. To remove the headlight assembly. remove the top three 10mm bolts from the top black brackets. Remove the bolt from the outside bottom part of the headlight assembly and the bolt under the assembly. The two bolts on bottom are held in with brackets that can be loosened/adjusted to remove or install this assembly. To disconnect the side marker light assembly from the headlight assembly, loosen a screw (looks like an adjustment screw) and remove the lens. Two screws hold the two assemblies together.

How to replace a 1998 zx2 headlight?

the bumper will have to be removed.

How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 1993 Acura Integra?

First, you'll need to remove the front bumper. To do this, take off the bolts underneath the front part of the bumper. Remove the bumper turn signals to access the two bolts per side that hold the bumper on the car. Support the bumper by putting something underneath it. Then get a stubby Phillips screwdriver and remove the two screws per side at the end of the bumper (in the wheel well). Bumper should come off. Remove the headlight assembly by diconnecting the headlight sockets, remove the 10mm bolts above each headlight assembly. Remove the 10mm bolts below the headlight assembly. Done.