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I just did this and it's relatively easy, once you remove the 4 bolts that hold the headlight assembly into the chassis frame.

For example, to remove the left front headlight;

It takes a 9006 low beam bulb, OEM is 51 watts If you buy a halogen upgrade, it will be a 55 watt bulb I don't know if you can put a super xenon bulb in there, it may harm the harness, I don't know so don't rely on me for that...

Lift the hood Get a socket head wrench and some SAE (standard) sockets. Find the socket that fits the bolt head just above the headlight. I think it is a 3/8's or slightly larger.

There are 4 bolts screwed through the frame into the top of the headlamp assembly. The bolts on each end of the headlight are longer and go all the way through the assembly to align it properly.

Lay each bolt out, on the ground in the order you removed them. The middle two bolts are short, maybe 1 " and the ends are closer to 3.5" long.

Once the bolts are out, slide the headlight assembly forward. There are two bulbs, a high and low beam. The low beam bulb is to the outside of the car, or drivers side on the left, farthest to the passenger side on the right.

Most of the time the low beam will burn out since it's used 90% of the time.

The bulb has a right angle fitting with a wiring harness attached. With your hand or a channel lock pair of pliers, gradually rotate the light bulb base counter clockwise until the unit is loose in the socket holder.

Disconnect the bulb from the wiring harness and replace it with the new bulb.

Reverse the process and turn on the headlights to check you have the bulb harness properly attached before finishing up the reassembly of the 4 bolts.

Your bulb alignment with the ground should not have changed from this work. Have fun...not difficult. Takes about 10 minutes per bulb.

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Q: How do you change the headlights of a 94 Chrysler LeBaron?
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