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How do you change the ignition and the door entry locks on a 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

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2010-05-26 00:23:56
2010-05-26 00:23:56

Ignition is quite simple (if you have the key). Remove both top and bottom covers over the steering column (4 or 6 screws) and the tilt wheel lever (1 screw). Put the key in and turn the ignition switch to the on position (do not start). Directly underneath the ignition is a small button. Puch this in and pull the ignition out. Door locks I havent had to do on the intrepid, but I'm sure it's not as easy as the ignition.

Just changed the door lock and it's a pain. Take off the door panel--2 screws top right hand corner, 3 along the bottom, 3 more hid behind the speaker grill, 1 hidden one in by the door handle, 1 hidden one in the arm rest. The hidden ones have a small panel in front that can be levered up by a screw driver. With all of those off, the panel still won't move. Have to get under it with a long screwdriver--there's a hidden clip that needs to be levered off bottom left hand corner, and under the panel, so you have to bend the panel out to get at it.

Okay, so now you can get to the handle. Kinda. Pull down the weather stripping enough to get at the lock. 2 screws hold the handle in and you can access them through holes in the metal. Pull the handle out of the door, and you'll find a clip holding the lock in place. It's simply a bent piece of wire that barely sticks out of the plastic. Grab and lift. the lock will come forward a bit. There's a small clip holding the arm onto the back of the lock that can be carefully removed with a small screwdriver. Now, the lock is free. Garbage it and install the new one in reverse order of steps. Good luck with that.

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