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It is very easy to change the license plate light on an Oldsmobile Aurora. All you need to do is remove the license plate and look above where the plate was. There are bolts that are holding the light in. Unscrew the bolts and then replace the light.

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โˆ™ 2014-09-17 22:54:20
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Q: How do you change the license plate light on Oldsmobile Aurora?
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What fuse is for the license plate light in a 96 Oldsmobile aurora?

Same circuit/fuse as the parking/tail lights.

How does one change the light bulb illuminating the gear selector on the console on a 2001 Aurora?

change bulbs in gear selector of 2001 oldsmobile aurora

How do you know if your alternator is bad in your 1996 Oldsmobile aurora?

A warning light on the dash would illuminate.

How do you reset the change oil now light on a 99 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Key on Engine off Step on the gas pedal three times within five seconds.

Why do the headlights stay on and kill battery on the Oldsmobile aurora?

i would have the light switch checked to see if it is faulty

Change oil light in a 1998 Oldsmobile aurora?

key on engine off...push gas pedal to the floor 5 timrs witin 3 seconds ..this will turn your lite out

How do you replace license plate light on 02 aurora?

You have to remove the liner from the inside of the trunk lid to remove the light.

Where is the third brake light located on the 1995 Oldsmobile aurora and does it work?

mine on my 97 is on the rear window deck.

How do you replace the bulb in a running light on an 2002 Olds Aurora?

Remove the connector from the back of your 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora running the light. Push the light in and turn at the same time, to remove it. Reverse the process to install your new running lightbulb.

Where does the light go above the license plate on a 1991 Oldsmobile?

The light is built into the bumper on that car. Just above the plate.

Where is the interior light control module for a 2005 aurora Oldsmobile?

it is located above the gas pedal almost under the steering wheel

How do you change a license plate light bulb on a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse?

how do you change the light bulb over the license plate on 2000 eclipse

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