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You have to pull the headlight assembly out. There is a lever on the inside of the car around the assembly that you lift (rotate) to unlock the assembly. If there's a lot of road dirt up there it can stick. Then you can pull the headlight out. Be carefull, on one side there's an additional "lock" that you have to press to release the lever. I found out the hard way when I snapped the lever off. After changing the bulb, there are two, one high and one low beam, installation is the reverse.

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Q: How do you change the low beams on a 2001 VW Beetle?
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Why does your low beams not work but your high beams do on a 2002 vw beetle?

Check bulbs Check hi-low switch

2002 beetle power loss to low beams and wipers?

Check your fuses.

Why do Low beams on VW Beetle not light up but high beams work?

Check the bulbs and then the multifunction switch (headlight switch)

What if your 1989 F150 has high beams but no low beams why?

is a switch to change to low beam is located under the emergency brake

Why do your high beams work but not your low beams on a 1991 Nissan 240 SX?

change your bulbs and see if that's it.

How do you switch high and low beams on a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle?

Pull the turn signal switch toward you. First pull switches from low to high, second switches back to low.

What is the bulb number on a 2001 GMC sierra high and low beam?

9006 on the low beams, 9005 on the high beam.

Does a 2004 VW beetle have a low beam headlight fuse?

yes it does.... one for each of the low beams and one for each of the high beam. because the daylight running lights work on the low beams at reduced intensity, they tend to burn out a whole lot more often

How do halogen headlamps function what makes them change from low beams to high beams?

If you look closely to your bulb. Their is two wires in side. Only one comes on when switch is turned to low beams. Then switched to high beams both wires light up.

Why do you not have low beams But you have high beams on a 2002 vw passat?

Your low beams are burnt out. that happens alot

Why would only your hi beams work on your 1994 F-350 and not your low beams?

low beams my have burned out

Why would someone jerryrig the low beams on a 1994 Le Baron to make the low beams work Wire from battery operates low beams Low beams do not work high beams do and so do parking lights?

Bad dimmer switch.

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