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How do you change the motor oil on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza?


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First off park the car on a true level surface so that the vehicle may drain out properly. Second, Let the car cool down for at least 90 minuets; not 89, 90 period. Next pull the dip stick and oil cap so that the car may drain faster then if you left these items on. Next place oil drain pan beneath the plug and pull the oil pan plug. (Lefty loosy, Righty tighty; "normally") (turn the plug to the left to loosen it) let all oil drain. I like to pull the filter while this is going on so I have something to do. Then after the filter is off and while the car is still draining check the mount on the car where the filter is to make sure all of the old seal and all debree is cleaned off of this surface. Next, pull the new filter out of the pakage and place some Valvoline 5w-30 around the new rubber seal on the filter for lubrication. Then screw the new filter on to the filter mount where you took the old one off of. Remember the oil filter only needs to be hand tight, 'NOT' cranked the heck on there. After the filter is on and all of the oil is drained out put the oil drain plug back in the hole snug but not too tight, because if you do tighten the plug anymore more than just a gentle snugness you might end up stripping out the threads.(period) So after the oil plug has been gently hand tighten/snugged and with the oil filter on you my proceed to put 4.5-5 QTS. into the engine where you had pulled the oil cap off of to begin with. After the car has oil in it put the cap back on (hand tight). Put the dipstick back in. Check the plug, filter, cap & dipstick to make sure that they are all tight. Start car to achieve filtration of the new oil and to fill the filter up along with all oil galleries. Then turn off the car let it sit for 10-15 min. and check oil level with the dip stick. Remember to "check it fresh" by taking the d-stick out wiping it off then placing it back in and pulling it out again for an accurate check. DO NOT OVER FILL EVEN OVER AN OUNCE BECAUSE YOU WILL DAMAGE THE CAR-PERIOD...... Finally, when your all done do a final check of everything to make sure there are no leaks (do it while the car is on).......................... have no fun.....


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there should be 3 bolts 2 on top of the frame when hood is open and one behind the light itself once they are all removed then disconnect both wire connectors and slowly remove headlight i think the bolts are 10mm

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The Suzuki Forenza Maitnenence Schedule suggests inspecting it at 30,000 mile intervals and replacing it at 60,000 mile intervals. This car has an interference engine. That means that if the timing belt breaks the engine will suffer severe internal damage and will likely have to be replaced. Replacing the timing belt is rather expensive, but doing so may save you an engine..... Your not only supposed to check it at 30,000, but it needs to be adjusted. The belt will get loose after it has stretched and it needs to be tightened back up.

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