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There a are a couple screws you need to remove by the door handle - once the screws are removed you will need to gently pull the door panel out (there are plastic clips that hold this in place and if you pull to hard you can break them)I did not disconnect the wiring from my panel just left it on top of a milk crate as to not put any strain on the wiring - next you will the a couple nuts that hold the side mirror in place - loosen them the nuts (3) I also removed the door speaker in order to get access to the wiring connection for the power mirror - disconnect and remove the mirror - replace mirror and reconnect - when you are putting the door panel back and gently tap it back into place (make sure to first fit the door look through the hole in the panel) it's really not that bad it took about 20 minutes - good luck

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 14:13:08
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Q: How do you change the passenger side view mirror on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?
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How do you change the passenger mirror on a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer?

move it

How to replace passenger mirror on 2003 mountaineer?

# Remove the door trim panel and watershield.Disconnect the electrical connector from the mirror # Remove the retaining nuts and detach the mirror from vehicle

How do you change the passenger side mirror on a 2003 acura tl?

you go to a Mechanic

How do you replace a passenger side mirror on 2002 Mercury Villager?

u dont u are suppose to leave it alone lol.

How do you test the brake lights on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

back up close to a door or building... press brake pedal... look into mirror to see if lts are lit

How do you replace the passenger mirror on a 1993 Chevrolet lumina euro?

Remove the inside door panel of your 1993 Chevrolet Lumina. Remove the passenger mirror wiring harness. Remove the passenger mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new passenger mirror.

How do you change the passenger mirror on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

You need to remove the inside door panel, then remove the bolts that secure the mirror. It is very simple procedure.

How do you install a new side mirror for a Mercury Mountaineer?

Go to either of the following websites. It will show how to replace the mirror. 1997-2001 2002-2004

How do you replace an electric passenger side mirror on a Renault grand senic?

Begin by removing the inside passenger door panel. Remove the wiring harness from your passenger side electric mirror. Remove the mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new electric passenger side mirror.

What would cause the headlights on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer to stay on for 10 minutes after the vehicle is shut off?

It has a built in timer. You can adjust how long they stay on with the sliding lever located on the rear view mirror.

What is wrong with 2000 ford explorer when passenger side mirror won't move when mirror button is pushed but will move for drivers mirror?

passenger side button is broken.....

How do you change a temperature sensor on a Peugeot 206?

To change the temperature sensor on a Peugeot 206, look at the underside of the passenger door mirror. There is a small black plastic bump sticking out of a hole in the mirror body. Remove the cover from the rear of the mirror and attach the new sensor.

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