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the library has chilton repair manuals,i just copy the page,pages that i need for .10 cents a copy

Changing the plug wires on an Aurora(I have a 1996) is really easy. Take the cover off the top of the engine. Remember the nuts are fragile and will crack because they are actually nut covers made of plastic. The firing order is cast onto the manifold at each plug location and the distributor has the numbers of them also. Use a swival type of plug remover that is rather long. The plugs in the back are the hardest to take out. But, if you take your time an use an extension with the plug socket on it and slide it into position. Then use the 3/8 drive breakover bar to loosen the plug. You should be able to get the plugs out. I buy my plugs and plug wires at O'reilly's. The plug wires are already numbered. Also I have found that using regular A/C plugs work the best and work longer.

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Q: How do you change the plugs and wires on a 1997 Olds Aurora and what is the firing order?
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