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How do you change the powersteering unit on a 1997 Avalon?

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May 03, 2006 3:09AM

I changed one on my wife's 97 6cyl about 2 months ago. When you raise the hood and try to find the pump, you'll say I'll never get to it. But you can. Simply raise the passenger side and remove the tire. Behind the tire you'll see a plastic piece of fender well. Remove the little plastic screws and remove the plastic fender well. This will expose the pump for easier access. It is still pretty tight, but you can do it. You must remove the fluid lines going to the pump and the one with the brass nut is a tight one, but it will come off. The pump has a bracket on the front of it that is bolted to the side of the pump. Do not remove this bracket to remove the pump. I did and that was about 3 or 4 unnecessary bolts I removed, taking for ever to get them off. (You will have to remove these later to attach the bracket to your new pump, but do it on your work bench or garage floor). The bracket has 2 hinge slots on it where 2 long bolts will rest and be caught by the hing. One of these bolts is at the top of the bracket/pump. Can't quite remember the exact location of the other, but you can find it. The first is above and behind the pulley. Unscrew the bolt. The nut for the bolt is welded in the back and is not removed. After unscrewing the bolt, pull the bolt out about 1/4 inch. Do the same for the second bolt, and voila, the pump will drop, because the bolts have to diameters, one bigger than the hinge opening, and one smaller than the hinge opening. When the smaller diameter meets the hinge opening, the pump falls. Be ready to catch it, if you have removed the fluid lines. By this time you have probably already removed the serpentine belts, but if you haven't, it will probably drop as well. Remove the pulley nut. Now you can take the pump and pulley to a parts store and have the pulley removed, or you can try what I did. Clean the fluid as well as you can from the pump. Preheat your oven in your kitchen to around 250 or so. Place pump in oven for about 15 minutes. Remove and gentle tap the pulley. It should come off with too much force. Be very careful because this could warp the pulley. Do not use excessive force. I did use a small piece of wedge-shaped wood, but taped very lightly. Your new pump instructions should help out as well. I also found info about the 1997 Avalon pump on the web.