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How do you change the rear brakes on a 1997 Geo Metro LSI?

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1. Make sure you have a warm garage to work in and some quality tools. If your hands get cold while you're doing this it's not going to work very well.

2. Go to an auto parts store and pick up the Chilton's Manual for GM Geo Metro.

3. You have drum brakes in the rear. AutoZone has the lowest price last time I checked. $30 for the no-brand with 90 day warranty, $50 for the brand-name with 10-year warranty.

4. Make sure that your E-brake is DISengaged.

5. Take off the tire as you would when changing it and jack it up. You may want to use a more stable jack than the one provided. Don't get hurt, y'know.

5.5 Aside from the 4 lugnuts, there's also a nut in the center under the spindle cap which must be removed using a chisel or screwdriver.

6. Use a hammer or a rubber mallet to bang a few times on the inside side of the brake casing. Once loosened it will come off fairly easily

7. If you notice that the drums are shiny and smooth rather than matte and rough then you have a problem. Your wheel cylinder is leaking brake fluid and that's why your brakes lock up (if they do). That's another howto and you'll need another set of hands and some ingenuity (or the right tool) to fix that.

8. Take a good look at the way things are. Only replace one side at a time in case you forget and need to reference the other one.

9. You just kinda have to figure out how things come apart and go back together. The manual will help. Taking pictures helps too.

10. (With warm hands) it should be fairly simple to unclip and unspring what needs done to pull the old off and put the new on.

P.S. I have the Chilton manual for this and it's very descriptive, easy to understand, and gives good pointers. I highly recommend investing in one. It's about $20 at PepBoys or Checkers or AutoZone.

2008-11-21 15:19:52
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