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How do you change the rear disc pads on a 1995 Saturn?


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2011-09-13 00:25:18
2011-09-13 00:25:18

just like any other dics brakes but you need a special cube like tool for compressing the caliper back down (it doesn't just knock back down like most, the tool has little notches on each side of the cube for different cars that fit into the caliper and then you rachet it down to the right) the your new pads will fit back in.


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it indicates that it is time to change the pads for the disc brakes, the light comes on when the sensor is activated

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To change rear disc brake pad on a 2004 hydunai Santa Fe, find replacement disc brake pads, and then locate the user manual of your vehicle. Follow the instructions on the manual.

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1995 Mercury Cougar does not have front wheel brake shoes. It has disc brakes and therefore disc brake pads. Copy & paste this link into your browser.

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You should inspect the pads and rotors at least twicw a year and change pads if they are worn down to 2mm.

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