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How do you change the rear shocks struts on a 1997 geo prisim?

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Please see my other answers, as they are pretty much the same for u as they are for them.


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Does a 1997 jetta have struts or shocks?

a 1997 Jetta gt has struts.

Does your 1997 Ford Contour have shocks or struts?


Does a 1997 ford explorer have shocks or struts?


Why does my 1997 Toyota 4 runner bounce severely on dips?

Struts and/or shocks are shot.

Does a 1999 Chevy Blazer have shocks or struts?

1997 s-10 blazer has shocks,on both front and rear.

Does a 1997 ford aerostar have shocks or struts?

There are ( shock absorbers ) on a 1997 Ford Aerostar ( front and rear )

Does a 97 Toyota tacoma 4x4 have front shocks or struts?

My 1997 3.4L 4x4 tacoma has struts but some may have springs My 1997 3.4L 4x4 tacoma has struts but some may have springs

How do you install shocks on 1997 Ford Escort?

they are struts you must take out the old strut,take the springs out and put them in the new struts

How do you fix a lean problem on a 1997 Ford Contour?

Replace the shocks and struts! :-D

How do you replace strut on 1997 Chevrolet s-10?

S10 dont have struts the have coil springs and shocks

Does 1997 dodge Dakota have struts or shocks?

Those have shocks on them. I replced the rear ones on my '97 a while back. Those were pretty easy. I haven't tried the front ones yet.

What are the correct replacement shocks-struts for a 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited?

Get the original replacement shocks from the dealer/mopar, everything else will be either too stiff or too soft.

How do you replace struts in 1997 Toyota 4Runner?

The 4Runner doesn't have struts; it has coil-over shocks in front. After removing the old shocks a spring compressor is required to remove the springs and install them on the new shocks. Take it to a front end shop that has the proper compressor and tools; it's very dangerous if you don't have good equipment and experience. The rear shocks are easy to replace by yourself.

How hard is it to change the rear struts and springs on a 1997 ford escort LX if the used struts and springs come connected already?

It's easy.

How do you change the shocks on a 1997 Chevy Blazer?

a 4 door 97 blazer front how do i do it

In a 1997 Chevy Cavalier what would cause the right rear section by the tire makes a loud clunking sound when hitting a bump?

Check the shocks and the suspension components. You might have a bad bushing on the sway bar, shock or elsewhere. The 1997 Chevy Cavalier has struts instead of shocks in the rear-end, so you would need to replace those. Also while replacing the struts you might want to consider alingment for both the rear and front because if the car has been making this sound for a long period of time it will be out of aline. My cavalier had the same problem, but both struts were bad.

How do you change front struts on a 1997 Monte Carlo Z34?

that's kind of crazy cuz i need to change my struts on my 97 Monte Carlo z34. i can't help you, but i just thought i'd let you know that I'm sharing your pain.

1997 Nissan infinity QX3 wobbles when at freeway speed when acceleratingdecelerating all wheel drive off or on can get severe a rear end wobble weird?

My 1999 qx4 does the same thing. I think it may be the shocks/struts that needs replacing. Do you bounce alot when going over bumps? My 1999 qx4 does the same thing. I think it may be the shocks/struts that needs replacing. Do you bounce alot when going over bumps?

How many struts required for 1997 mystique?


How do you change shocks on a 97 Toyota Camry?

Buy a Haynes shop manual for 1997-2001 Toyota Camrys. They're about $15.

Does a 1997 park avenue have air shocks?

yes it does

How often should the shocks be replaced on a 1997 silverado?

Not until the truck starts bouncing. are the shocks go to leaking.

How much labor to change front shocks on 97 Chevy s-10?

The cost of labor to change the front shocks on a 1997 Chevy S-10 pickup varies greatly by the place where service is performed. As of 2014 this ranges from 41.50 per shock to 80.00 per shock.

What are the release dates for Split Screen - 1997 Spike Remembers Waters Shocks 1-1?

Split Screen - 1997 Spike Remembers Waters Shocks 1-1 was released on: USA: 10 March 1997

How much to replace the front struts on a 1997 pathfinder?

I was quoted $900+ on the front struts for my '99 pathfinder. On ebay they said they found some for $200 less, but that's still $700+ just for front struts.

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