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How do you change the right head light in a VWJetta?


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2015-07-15 20:47:13
2015-07-15 20:47:13

I have a 91 Jetta and have experienced difficulty as well. There is a piece of black plastic in the way- I removed it and can now change the bulb with relative ease. I haven't noticed any problems with that part missing- .

Here is a link to a very detailed description. Not sure it applies to a '91, as it was written for a 2000.


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how are u? well u have to take out the head light clips which are on the sides of the head light then pull out the head light and uncover the second rubber cover i believe then reach in the head light and turn the socket to the left and and should come out the just change the bulb...when putting the bulb back just turn it to the right and put back the head light and rubber cover and the side clips and that's it...good luck

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change a headlight on a 1997 plymoth voyager

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To change the front head light you need to unscrew the screws to remove the protective casing. Once the protective casing has been removed the front head light bulb can be replaced with a new one.

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I made a video on how to change the head lights in my jetta This is for a 2006 jetta tdi, but other years apply

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