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Drop the tailgate and look at the side of the lens for screws.

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Q: How do you change the right rear turn signal bulb on a 2000 Ranger after you remove the 2 screws on the red plastic cover?
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How do you change a heater core in a 95 Chevy Beretta?

Remove bottom plastic cover in center of dash first and then remove other plastic part that the first peace was attached to. (watch for hidden screws)

How do you remove the door panels in a 1987 Ford Ranger?

To remove the door panels in a 1987 Ford Ranger, simply crank the cover on the door to pry it open. Then remove the head screws inside and take off the other three screws.

How do you Remove tail lamp assembly 2005 equinox?

Remove the 2 round plastic covers over the screws,remove the screws and pull to the outside of the vehicle.

How do you remove plastic cover at bottom of windshield?

there are phillip screws on the cowling, after removing the screws, remove wipers and remove winshield washer hoses on the bottom of the cowling.

How do you remove the stereo from 91 Toyota Camry?

There are two screws that hold in the plastic cover on the cover on the top underside. remove these two screws and gently pry the plastic cover away. There are four screws that hold the stereo in place that will be accessible after you remove the cover. reassemble in reverse order.

How do you change brake lights on 1996 Isuzu Rodeo?

remove the 2 screws from the red plastic and gently pry the red cover off.

How do you change the left side mirror on your 2003 Totota echo?

You have to remove the door plastic panel before removing the 3 screws that hold the mirror to the door. The pastic panel is held in place by the windows handle, 2 screws, 3 plastic clip and a lot of plastic snap.

How do you change the rear speakers in a 2002 ford ranger?

Not sure how your speakers are installed, but Haynes Manual says: Remove speaker screws; pull out speaker; remove speaker wires; installation is reverse.

How do you change rear light bulbs in GMC Savana 2500?

You need to remove the plastic above the lens first, then remove taillight. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove two screws, then use a flat screwdriver to remove plastic rivets for plastic shroud between lens and door. With that shroud off you can see the next nut to remove. Altogether there are about 8 fasteners each side to change the bulbs.

How do you change a brake light in a 2002 Aurora?

You have to do it from inside the trunk. Remove the plastic screws that hold the cargo net in (they should just screw out). Then, pull the plastic trim that was under the plastic screws out to expose the studs that hold the tail lights in (there should be 2-3 studs). Remove any screws if there are any present and the entire taillight assembly should be loose enough to remove. Pull the assembly away from the car, be careful not to short out the cords, and remove the bulbs just like you would any bulb.

How do you remove the stereo from a 2002 Ford Explorer limited?

remove the plastic panel around the stereo by using a flat screwdriver to pop it out in all corners then remove screws then remove stereo remove the plastic panel around the stereo by using a flat screwdriver to pop it out in all corners then remove screws then remove stereo

How do you change dash lights in 2001 intrepid?

remove plastic around instrument panel . remove screws from instrument panel then pull panel towards you to unplug it this will allow to get to dach lights

How do you change the brake lights on a 2004 Rio Cinco?

Remove inside panel and remove the screws. If there are no screws then pry it out with a screwdriver.

How do you remove taillights from a 1995 Mazda mx3 so that i can change the brake lights?

there is a plastic cover above the tail light held on by two screws. remove that and simply pull the tail light out.

How do you change passenger side mirror on 97 Toyota Camry?

remov plastic moulding in in side of door there should be 2-3 screws remove and should be it

How do you change the Fuel filler door on a 2003 Pontiac?

Remove the fuel cap on the 2003 Pontiac. Remove the plastic cover around the filler pipe by taking the two screws out. Under the plastic there are two nuts that hold the door and hinge assembly on. Remove them and the door will come off.

How do you change old Yamaha blaster front to new blaster front end with new nose style?

Remove 4 screws from the front plastic remove plastic nut on the key switch push key switch through remove plastic nose. Buy new style nose. To install follow directions in reverse.

How do you remove a grill on a 1993 ford ranger?

If it doesn't have screws holding it in then it will need to be "unsnapped" from its mounts. Locate the locking tabs and pull carefully outward. If that doesn't work and reinstalling it is not planned it can be easily cut out as it is plastic.

How you change in dash bulbs for Volvo 2000 s40?

Undo the 2 screws on the plastic cover around the dash. Remove it and you will see 3 more screws. Pull the clocks to the side and you will see the all the little bulbs.

How do you remove OEM radio on 1993land cruiser?

Remove the ashtray, then remove the screws behind it. Carefully pry the plastic molding off (that surrounds the radio) using only fingertip power. Remove 4 screws holding the radio in.

How do you access ford ranger tail light?

open the end gate remove the hold down screws and carefullt remove the taillight assembly

How do you remove the spark plug cover on 2005 Hyundai accent?

Remove the 2 screws and take off the plastic piece.

How do you get to the front speakers on a 90 z24 cavalier?

There is no easy way to do it without removing the side door panel. Simply open the door, remove the screw on the plastic side-view mirror cover. then, remove all of the outer screws in the plastic that attach it to the door. There are also two screws in the small handle/change holder on the door that must be removed. Then its only a matter of popping the plastic joiners out and taking the the plastic off of the frame and unsnapping the plastic piece that powers the window. Voila!

How do you change the fog light on a Nissan Frontier?

To change the fog light on a Nissan Frontier you will need to remove the screws which hold the light assembly in place. These screws may be located under the hood or off to the side of the light on the front of the vehicle. Unclip the plastic relay holding the light in place. Clip the plastic relay into the new fog light and reposition the light in place. Secure the light assembly in with the screws.

How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1997 Kia Sepia?

Ignition switch removal is not too bad. The plastic cover around the steering column has 3-4 screws in it. They are on the underside facing the floor. Remove these screws and the plastic cover will snap off. That will expose the ignition switch. The switch itself has a couple of screws holding it in place. Remove those screws and unplug it from the wire harness on the back. That's it.