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How do you change the side indicator on a 2002 Vectra new shape?


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2006-03-16 20:55:51
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Think these are the same as on the astra.You need to be a bit gentle to avoid breaking the clips.Push the whole lamp(try towards the rear first)until the small "barb"clip clears the slot and allows the lamp to swing out at one end.Then the lamp will come free.Just pull out the bulbholder and replace the bulb.Its a 501 capless type.Then simply clip the lamp back in,large clip first.


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The indicator panel should by carefully pried out. Then you can change the bulb.

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Open the bonnet first. You'll notice just inside the car behind the lights, situated between the headlight and indicator housings, a screw - a couple inches down inside. Loosen this screw but do not take it out. Then gently pull the indicator housing out and forwards until two clips release at the back. Next, the bulb fixings will be attached to the housins. Rotate it slightly to release, and hey presto, the bulb is out in the open, for you to change.

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