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there is actually a detailed description of how to do this in the owners manual if you have one.

AnswerWow i just done this today so i will help out while it is fresh on my mind. First start by removing the negative battery cable from the battery post. Ok next remove the center plastic cover on top of the motor that says "3000 v6". Now in between each gap in the in intake plenum u should notice the tops of what are called coil packs. Each one has two bolts holding it in and a wire loom coming out of each pack. The first pack is directly left of the oil cap(if facing motor). Remove each bolt then the wire connection. After that gently pull until the pack comes out. Take your spark plug socked and remove plug. Be really carefull not to drop debres in the hole. Repeat this step for the first two on the left side and the first one on the right side (again facing motor). A couple of them you will notice has a small metal plate with a #8 screw holding the wire down, remove this to keep from damaging your wires. Now this is where it gets hard U will have to remove the balance tube on the back of the intake plenum. Calm down its not really that bad, just time consuming. Remove all vacum tubes and hoses from the balance tube and then remove the 1 nut and 2 bolts holding each side down. After that carry on and remove the packs as normall. Now just reverse all steps and fire it up! make shure that when you are putting your balance tube back on that you either use blue glue (rtv silicone) or the proper gasgets to reseal the tube as can cause trouble if leaking.

Not to be mean, but if you do see the top part of the engine is on any 1990 to 1996 300zx it should all be the same and easily taken off which you understand. but you do not need to go through exact procedures by taking off the battery negative terminal (unless your new to mechanic or afraid you might accidentally do something wrong) or the middle cover. The middle cover is only when you actually need to go through the process of changing the coil wires itself which leads to and from the coil packs or injectors.

But everything else is right, the first 4 spark plugs are easily taken off where as the back 2 spark plugs are being covered by the small hard vacuum tubes connected from the left edge part engine to the right edge part engine. And just any proper sealant recommended by the book will help or by a mechanic expert.

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Q: How do you change the spark plugs in a 1993 300ZX non-turbo?
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