How do you change the spark plugs on a 2000 Honda civic dx hatchback?

I had one. I can't exactly remember but I believe your question is due to the fact you can't see the plugs. As I remember they are on the firewall side of the engine. It is basically a blind man's job. You do it by feel. First make sure the engine is cold. try using a mirror and a flash light to get a general idea of where you are going with this, where the plugs are etc. carefully pull off the spark plug wires by pulling on the boot not the wire. spark plug wrench, small extender, maybe even a universal joint would help and a ratchet handle - then just feel your way. getting them out will be the easiest part. You might want to just loosen them a few turns and try blowing out any dirt from the hole before fully extracting them. Again difficult cause you can't see. getting them back in will be much harder since you have to aim them by feel. Just don't get them cross threaded or the tips contaminated with greasy dirt.