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I just replaced mine yesterday! Tools you will need: 10mm socket, 10 mm wrench, sparkplug socket, spark plug gap tool, socket extensions (at least 6 inches, preferably 2 3-inch) Step 1: Get the air handling system out of the way. The box that holds the air filter sits off to the right (passenger's side) of the engine bay. It has a large flexible hose that connects to another part of the air handling system (sorry, I don't know the name). This second box connects to the throttle body. You need to move this second box out of the way in order to get to the spark plugs. To do this you will need to remove one 10 mm bolt on each side of the box. Once you get those two out, loosen the hose clamp that holds the box to the throttle body. The hose clamp is on the side of the box closest to the dashboard. When the hose clamp is loose, pull the box up and off of the throttle body. I just left the other hose connected and shoved the box up and toward the passengers side to get it out of the way. Step 2: Now you need to remove the bracket that holds the box that you just removed. Once again, two bolts, one on each end. When the bolts are out, remove the bracket completely and set it aside. Step 3: Now you should be able to get to the sparkplugs without too much trouble. The 2003 4.7 liter engine does not have traditional spark plug wires. Instead it has independent coils, one for each plug. These are also called "coil overs". To remove the coil on each plug you will need to remove a 10mm nut that holds the coil in place on the plug. Remove the nut - try not to drop it - and pull off the coil. The coil may be difficult to remove, but it will come. The nut is all that holds it on. Note that the coil is about 6 inches long and needs a little clearance to get all the way off. The spark plugs are way down in there inside of a heat shield. Step 4: Once you have the coil off it's time for the sparkplug socket. I found it easiest to get the socket onto the plugs without the ratchet handle attached. Add your extension(s) and thread the socket down into the hole that you just took the coil out of. Turn and push until you are sure that the socket is fully engaged on the sparkplug. Then attach the ratchet handle and unscrew the plug. Getting the sparkplug, the socket, and the extension out of that hole can be a bit tricky, but your almost there. Step 5: Check the gap on your new plug, add some anti-sieze compound to the threads to make it easier next time and screw it in. Again, I found it easier to remove the ratchet handle from the extension(s), put the plug in the socket and thread all of that down into the hole. Tighten it hand tight and then snug it up with the ratchet. Step 6: Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each cylinder. Re-attach the bracket and the air handling system and fire it up. Good luck!

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How do you change glow plugs in a 1995 dodge ram 2500?

The Cummins engine in a Dodge truck does not have glow plugs.The Cummins engine in a Dodge truck does not have glow plugs.

How do you change the spark plugs on 2001 3.7L V6 1500 dodge ram truck?

They are under the 6 ignition coils. There is a coil for each spark plug. You have to remove the coils, and then remove the plugs.

How do you change Spark Plugs on Ford F 350 Truck?

call a mechanic

What is the point gap and spark plug gap on a 1963 dodge d100 v6 pickup truck?

points .020 spark plugs .035. and Dodge did not have a v6 then only a slant 6

What spark plugs are recommended for a 1995 Dodge truck 5.9 liter?

Champion rc12lcChampion rc12lc

An auto mechanic ordered eight car spark plugs and four truck spark plugs Car spark plugs cost 75 and truck spark plugs cost 300 apiece Use the distributive property to find the total cost of t?

the correct anawer is damon l. bryant

How do you change the spark plugs on a Chevy S-10 2.2l pickup truck?

5/8 spark plug socket and a 6 in extension

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2001 Chevy s10 pick-up truck?

First you remove the spark plug wires from each of the spark plugs, being careful not to wreck the wires. then you get a deep well socket that fits around the spark plugs. then you take out each of the spark plugs. get the new spark plugs and insert them in the spark plug holes. tighten them up and put the spark plug wires back on the plugs. I find there is more room to work if you jack up the front of the truck and remove the wheels. With a long extension you can easily reach five of them thru the wheel well. The one behind the steering shaft on the drivers side is a challenge.

What is the best spark plugs for your 2001 Chevy S-10 truck?

AC plugs

How many spark plugs does the 2002 Toyota Camry have?

Like any car it depends on how many cylinders the car has. If it is a 4 cylinder then it has 4 spark plugs. If it's a 6 cylinder it has 6 spark plugs. An 8 cylinder truck has 8 spark plugs

How can you get better gas millage out of your 1995 Chevy truck?

Change the air filter and spark plugs, and try to drive at a constant speed.

What is the firing order on the spark plugs 94 Dodge Dakota 5.2?

As with all dodge truck V8's, the firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Why does my 1977 302 Ford truck cuts out when accelerating?

Spark plugs

Why would the center of a spark blow out in your dodge truck?


How do you replace spark plugs in 1996 Nissan pickup truck?

Replacing spark plugs is important to maintain the car. One disconnects the battery, the spark plug cables, removes the old spark plugs and replace them with new ones, reconnect the cables and the battery.

How many spark plugs on a 4 cylinder Mazda pickup truck 1999?

There are 8 spark plugs. 4 on the intake side of the head and 4 on the exhaust side.

What type of spark plug is good for your diesel truck?

Diesel trucks don't use spark plugs, they use glow plugs. For your tuck i don't know ecpesifcally which glow plug you need cause you never mentioned what your truck is.

How do you remove broken spark plugs in a Ford 5.4 trident motor?

Put the original broken spark plugs back in the truck. Call ford, get a price for a spark plug change should be around $220.00. Then tow it in or let it chug in to the mechanic bay at ford. Tell them you don't know what is wrong with your truck and p.s. deny you know what a spark plug is too and you never touched your truck. That is how you get out of that nightmare I had and pass the buck to the people that built the bad design so you don't get stuck killing yourself from their mistake.

How hard is it to change the hubs on a 2003 dodge piuck up truck?

i would like to know how hard is it to change the front hubs on a dodge truck?

Why are there 8 spark plugs in a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5 liter?

i think they are back up plugs for the fout that run the truck normally

Understanding Spark Plugs?

One of the smallest yet most important parts of your car, truck or other vehicle is its spark plugs.Spark Plug MaintenanceIn order for your vehicle to crank, it must have working spark plugs. Since spark plugs are so simple and inexpensive to replace, there is really no reason for any vehicle owner not to complete this basic maintenance. Every part of your spark plugs is important in order for them to keep working, so you will have to replace the entire spark plugs when the time comes. If you are having trouble getting your vehicle started, the spark plugs might be the culprit. You can usually tell if your vehicle needs new spark plugs because your vehicle will either refuse to start or will have a difficulty starting. Although you may be able to determine which spark plug is causing the issue, it is important to change all of your spark plugs at one time.You should not wait until your vehicle is giving you trouble before replacing the spark plugs; spark plugs should be replaced before they ever cause an issue. How often you should change your spark plugs depends on your vehicle and the type of spark plugs that you have, so you will want to consult the manufacturer's instructions in order to determine how often you should change them.Best Types of Spark PlugsAlthough any spark plug that fits your vehicle will work temporarily, it is best to spend a few extra dollars in order to get the best spark plugs that you can. Even high-quality spark plugs are inexpensive, and they last far longer than the more expensive types do. Different spark plugs are available to fit different vehicles, so you will have to check online or with your favorite auto parts store to see what options are available for you.A standard spark plug that is made from copper might only last for up to 20,000 miles, so this option should be avoided if possible. Stronger spark plugs that are made from titanium and similar materials can last for years, although you should not procrastinate on changing them either.

What is a proper tune up on a 1994 F-150?

A proper to not, on your 1994 F1 54 pickup truck, will include changing the spark plugs and spark plug wires. It is also recommended to change the air filter.

Need spark plug wrench for duce and half army truck where can i find one?

They don't have spark plugs, therefore, no need for a wrench

What is the firing order for a 1985 4 cylinder Nissan Pickup truck with 8 spark plugs?


Why won't my truck start turns over and over but won't fire?

check for spark at the spark plugs... check for fuel getting pulled into the throttlebody