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To remove the serpentine belt first make sure you have a belt configuration diagram for the install. It's usually located somewhere in the engine compartment but if not draw it up yourself. The belt tensioner must be backed off, the tensioner is the small wheel below the Power Steering pump. Release tension do by putting a wrench on the nut of the tensioner wheel and push on the wrench as if to undo the nut, the nut is reverse thread and will not undo. It will take significant force to get the tensioner to move, use the closed end of the wrench on the nut and I put a second wrench on the open end to get enough leverage. Pull the belt off the alternator when there is slack and slowly allow tensioner to move back. To remove the belt completely you have to split the two piece motor mount located near the passenger side fender, try to remove the belt and you will quickly figure out where the two piece motor mount is. The motor must be supported before the mount is split, do this by removing the two upper motor mount bolts located on the passenger side wheel well close to the fender, place a hydraulic jack under the passenger side frame of the car and lift it high enough to get a jack stand under the motor mount located at the bottom of the engine and begin to lower the car. Or if you have a good jack that won't slowly lower just jack the engine up. Watch the mount that you just undid, you

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Q: How do you change the surpentine belt on a 92 grand am?
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The serpentine belt on a 92 Chevy Caprice Classic is changed by loosening the tensioner pulley and pulling the belt off. A new belt can then be put in place and the tension restored.

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The best way to change the belt on a '92 Saturn is to remove the front passenger wheel and then remove the plastic wheel well to gain access to the belt tensioner. Use a long ratchet to hold the tensioner while you remove the belt from one of the pulleys. Then you should be able to pull the belt all the way out.

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