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I hope someone comes up with an answer. I've got a '98 GT and have tried w/o any luck to get my tail light replaced. After removing the trunk liner, I found and removed 5 11mm nuts holding the tail light in place. It started to wiggle free but seems to be still attached on the outer portion of the light assembly. I'm so frustrated!

There is a nut that is on the far side of the tailight.You need to remove the side insulation to get to it. It sits just about 5 -6 inches in front of the wheelwell. If you have already gotten that then double check to ensure all the access points have been cleared. If it still seems stuck it might be that the rubber gasket might just be stuck or possibly if it was ever undercoated that would cause it to stick as well,thats what my problem was.

Thanks to a previous response, I was able to change the taillight bulb on a '98 mustang. In my case there were 5 gold bolts to remove. In addition, there was black unthreaded screw-like object that had to be negotiated out. As described in another post, this could be found behind the side paneling. A few gentle taps with a hammer to this weird unthreaded object and the whole assembly came right out.

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Q: How do you change the tail light bulb in a 1995 Mustang?
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