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How do you change the transmission fluid on a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo Sport?


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No it's not easy and the answers are correct You have tfill through the overflow but the key is fill until fluid runs out ....then start the truck and get it to operating temp then remove the plug on fill again until fluid runs out That way the level is correct and you wont hurt your trans.

man good luck with this i tried it on my 2002 Isuzu rodeo and blew out the piston retainer cap you can only fill it in the trans pan over flow but beware not to over fill it you gotta find something to pump it in it took me and 1 other to use a siphoner to litterally hold it to the over flow hole here is a tip the pans only hold 4 qts which i found out the hard way on a good note the dealer warranteed my tranny work so it was fixed after 4 months of driving it like that.if i can be of more help or clerify this feel free to email me at

dpullum here.... I have a 99 with 145K miles. With the transmission warm, remove the bottom drain plug. 3-4 quarts drain. At Autozone or other... They have low cost in a gallon container, buy this for the first change, 3 of 9 or 33% change. Fill through the overflow plug. I had to use tubing added to the end of the pump. use wire to hang it so it does not slip out. Only change on a hot day so that the fluid is in the temp fill temp range. Then keep refilling the jug and change again in 500 or so miles, some varnish or sludge will be removed. Change again, so 1/3 of 2/3 old stuff is change so on until 4 changes 2/3x2/3x2/3x2/3= 20% old, now is the time to change the filter by droping the pans,,,, both the big one and the smaller over drive (that OD filter can be simply rinsed.) now you have only 13% old stuff,,, again drain and you have 9% old. So, 4 before filters is a good number. and you have not shocked the sludge and varnish lose, just dissolved it. so, 5x3=15 quarts at say $2.50/qt is (one for spillage) $40 of fluid. about half of a flush and you haven't ruined a high miles tranmission. I have done the above to mine and the fluid is pink and sweet rather than the toast smell and dark color I started with. d/p


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I do believe that if it's a sealed transmission then you have to pull the check plug from the trans to check it its just like a fill plug believe its on the left side of trans.

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I am not a transmission expert just a Rodeo Sport owner and this is the problem we had and to fix our problem it was the (Battery) not enough power going to computer to transmission which detected a short in the electrical to the transmission and to save the computer the car it shuts down the transmission, so get a new battery before taking it to transmission expert, might not cost as much as our experiment to detect the problem by the hour charge.

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It is on the oil pan towards the back.

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probably on the firewall, follow the ac lines to it.

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