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This is a fairly easy job and waterpumps are cheap.

Drain the radiator by opening the petcock on the bottom of the radiator. In the event that your radiator was replaced previously without one, just pull off the lower radiator hose and drain it that way. The hose will really hang onto the neck so just work it with channel locks and a little elbow grease and be prepared to get wet. I suggest you catch the coolant and return it to a recycling center as it is really dangerous stuff.

Next, remove the radiator fan by using a socket on the four bolts. I usually just break them loose before I remove the serpentine (drive) belt. The tension from the belt really helps hold the fan from spinning when you are removing the bolts.

To remove the serpentine belt, take a 1/2" drive breaker bar and insert it into the square cutout on the alternator bracket and pull back. This releases the tensioner and you can pull the belt off. Keep in mind that the fan pulley is two peices so pay attention.

You do NOT need to remove the radiator but I strongly suggest you take a piece of cardboard and put it up against the radiator in case you slip with something. I know I have poked a couple holes in radiator causing me to break my promise not to cuss.

Now remove the bolts that hold the water pump on. Look at the new pump and determine where the bolt holes are located and orient yourself with the existing pump. Even after all the bolts are out you will swear that it is still bolted. They are usually really stuck so you have to give it a rap or two. I would not try to pry it off because it can damage the faces.

Once it is off take the time to clean the surface to remove old gasket material or after all your hard work, it will leak. I use a very sharp wood chisel and a straight edge razor blade. The time you spent on this part is worthwhile.

Use Blue RTV, nothing else. Coat the faces of the new water pump with a thin coat of Blue RTV. Set aside and use a small wire or brass brush to clean the bolts. Then coat each with a light coat of RTV. Some of them go into the waterjacket so just do them all. Back to the pump, let it skim for 15 minutes and don't rush it. Next, stick the gasket to the water pump faces and coat again with Blue RTV. Let skim 15 minutes, no less.

Put it back together. Don't forget to close the radiator petcock valve. Flush the system if it is nasty.

Fill radiator with about a gallon and a half of new coolant and run with the radiator cap off until you see good circulation. You won't see any until the thermostat opens which can take upto 15 minutes. Put your heater on as hot as it will go and turn the fan on high. This prevents vapor locks in the heater hoses.

Hope this helps. Top it off and take it for a test cruise.


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Q: How do you change the water pump of a 1992 Caprice V8?
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