How do you change the wiper motor on a 1992 Jeep Wrangler?

Take the wiper arms off -- you do this by looking under the wiper arm where it mounts on the linkage post (pivot point). There's a bent over piece of metal that is attached to the backside of the arm (toward the rear of the car). Lever it downward with a flatbladed screwdriver. It may help to squirt a bit of WD-40 in the backside of the wiper arm where it mounts over the pivot hub coming through the cowling. This metal piece will come down about 1/2" and is part of a piece that slides up against the pivot hub and holds it in place. When it's in the downward position it allows the arm to pull off the hub.

Remove the screws holding the cowling to the car. There are 4 along the bottom of the windshield and one in the center of the slotted grill in the cowling. These are all Philips head screws.

Open the hood and pull the rubber strip off the front lip of the cowling and you'll find several more screws holding the cowling to the car. Remove these and close the hood.

Pull the cowling up & off the car. You'll now see the motor and linkage. Remove the electrical harness connector by pushing the small red tab up & out of the connector (in the middle of the connector) and press on the flat tab on the connector closest to the outside of the car.

Remove the 3 bolts (10 mm) holding the linkage & motor mount to the car. There is a bolt on either end of the linkage arms and one directly below the motor.

Remove the motor & the linkage from the car.

Remove the 3 small (8mm) bolts and 1 large (12mm) nut from the motor attaching it to the mount.

That's it. Now just replace everything in reverse order & you're all set.