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How do you change your homepage?

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Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Click on internet Options
  • Click on the General Tab
  • Under the option "Home Page", enter the webpage/s you want as your homepage.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Click on the General Tab
  • Under the option "Home Page", enter the webpage/s you want as your homepage.
  • Go to the Edit Menu
  • Click on Preferences
  • Click on the General Tab
  • Under the option "Home Page", enter the webpage/s you want as your homepage.
Google Chrome
  • Click on the icon that looks like a spanner on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Options
  • Click on the Basics tab
  • Under the option "Home Page", select "Open this page and enter the webpage/s you want as your homepage.
2010-01-23 16:58:50
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Q: How do you change your homepage?
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How do you change Babylon homepage into Google homepage?

Go on and below the search bar it says "make google my homepage"

How do you change homepage?

just go to the site for making it you homepage ,sometimes there is written "make it you homepage click it. Or right-click it and select homepage. For example go to Bing there will be written homepage click it

How do you change your homepage on Neopets?

to change the homepage, you have to got to the link "my account" and find the link for preferences. You have to be 13 though. Good luck! ^-^

How do you change homepage from google to duckduckgocom?

You can always change the homepage you click that opens up first. This can be done in the settings option in Chrome.

How do you make page your homepage?

click on your homepage button, go down to add or change, and add it!

How do you get rid of Allsearchapp as Google Chrome homepage?

These are extensions which cause the homepage to change. You can remove the extension to get rid of the Allsearchapp.

How do you get rid of yahoo being your homepage?

click tools and internet option and set your own homepage u need .or you could also change your homepage to another one

How do you change your email for your VMK account?

It is somewhere on the homepage.

How to change search engine in Google Chrome from softonic to googlecom . i tried to change default search engine from the options but it doesn't allow me to change it?

It is because of the additional Extension that is there with the homepage. The extension does not allow to change the homepage.

How do you put Firefox back as homepage?

if you have the same interbet i do then you go to the website you want to be your homepage and then go go to the homepage symbol at the right an dclick the arrow beside it and go add or change homepage and there will be two options click the first one

What is a homepage URL?

an URL is basicly a website example so if your on the internet settings you can change your homepage by entering the URL you want !

How do you make Google your homepage button?

On Safari, you can push the little arrow by the house icon, while your on google, and push add or change homepage, then push 'use as only homepage' or 'add to homepages'.

How can Google be set to be your homepage?

Google can be set to ones homepage under the settings in ones browser. The settings tab will provide the option to change the homepage either to the current pages or to a specific url.

Can you change your background on WikiAnswers?

Changing BackgroundAt the present time, it is not possible to change the background of WikiAnswers; the WikiAnswers homepage is not customizable like the YouTube homepage. You can, however, change the background color of your profile.(See Related question.)

How do you change Google chromes homepage back to the most visited tabs page My google chromes homepage is mysearhresults and its incredibly annoying Can someone please help me thnkx?

This can be changed either by changing the homepage in settings. This could also be removed, if there is an extension for the homepage.

How do you get MySpace as your homepage?

go to control panel, click network & internet, under internet options click change your homepage, and type myspace.

Can swagbucks replace the yahoo as your homepage?

Yes, all you have to do is change it in your preferences.

How would one fix a virus that continues to change homepage?

Viruses and specifically viruses that can change your homepage settings can be fixed by installing and running an up to date antivirus platform such as 'AVG', 'Norton' or 'Avast'.

On RuneScape how do you change your name?

to change your name you need to be a member. then you go to account management on the homepage and click change name

How do you change language on runescape?

well you should be able to change it on the homepage but if not then your not looking in the right place m8

How does the google home page background changed?

To change the image of the homepage, you must have an account. Then click change background image in the bottom right corner of the homepage. It will then let you pic from a gallery or upload your own picture.

How do you remove shiny search and get normal Google homepage back?

google google.when it comes up at the bottom it will say change to homepage. click on it and bobs your uncle.

How do you get rid of action alert safe search as your homepage on Google Chrome?

You can always change your homepage from Chrome settings. Set it to Google as the default page on Chrome.

Is there anyway to change the homepage of your friends browser from your PC?

no i dont think so

How do you change your homepage on Google Chrome?

there are 3 very simple steps and here is how to do it: 1. first of all, click on the wrench icon (on the left of your website bar). 2. secondly, click on options. 3. finally, you will be able to change your homepage to new tab or another website on the homepage catogory. hope this helps :)