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How do you changer starter 1995 dodge neon?


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Do you mean replace a starter? It is not hard but due to space it takes time and small hands help. Start by unhooking battery and jacking up the front end. I have custom bumpers that are lower than stock but I still was able to get under the car and get the starter. I had help, a friend held the starter while I got the bolts all the way out and the extra pair of hands helped twisting the starter to get it out, without removing the front engine mount. If I remember correctly there were 3 bolts holding the starter on one holds the negative wire. There are 2 bolts on the front(where the wires connect) and one on the back. you have to get the wires off to get the starter out. If you have a good socket set you can do it. I think you need to torque the bolts back on at 40 lbs. It seems like more work than it is. If you can change a tire you can do this, just don't sweat it. It helps to have a look at a new starter before you start.


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