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How do you charge ac?

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If the system is empty you probably have a leak so charging it back up will be like throwing money out the window plus you are discharging freon into the atmosphere. Take it to a qualified garage for testing and repair.

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You an looking for the port to charge your ac on1999 ford pu?

ac charge valve location on 1999 ford pu

How do you make the ac in a explorer colder?

you mignt need to charge your ac with freeon.

What is a AC 000.00 UZ charge?

it's a criminal charge issued in NYC courts

How do you charge the AC on a 96 Dodge Caravan?

You need gauges to properly charge it.

Why capacitor charges on AC only?

Capacitors charge (and discharge) on both AC and DC.

How do you charge rear ac on Chevy van?

From the same port you would charge the front ac this is under the hood on passenger side of vehicle. John

What is a Dell ac adapter used for?

The Dell AC adaptor is used to charge your battery on your Dell laptop. You plug it in to a regular household plug to charge.

Will a 120 volt AC to 12 volt AC adapter charge a car battery?

No, auto batteries are DC not AC.

Can you charge inductor with dc voltage or ac voltage?

with DCAnswerYou cannot 'charge' and inductor.

Why does the ac compressor click on and off and ac does not cool very good?

Check charge. (R12)

Will a 120 volt AC to 12 volt AC adapter charge a 12 volt car battery?

No, the battery is DC not AC.

How do you charge the AC on a 2006 5.3L express van?

To charge the AC on a 2006 5.3L express van you locate the AC unit under the hood. The owners manual will have diagrams on the engine parts and the type of coolant needed to recharge the AC. You follow the instructions on the coolant.

Can you charge a psp with a ps2 ac adapter?

No not that I know of

How do you charge ac on 2000 Toyata Camry?

You can't

Why a capacitor does not accept AC?

A capacitor conducts AC but do not conduct DC because it is meant to store charge.

How do you charge the ac refrigerant on a 2001 jaguar s type?

charge thru sution line nozzle underneath right front of car turn on ac to low temp charge and u should feel a difference

Why wont my car ac take a charge with refll kit?

Because it probably has a leak if you have just fixed a leak then you need to put a vacuum on your AC system before you can charge it.

How do you charge ac on 1995 Isuzu Trooper?

You can buy a charge kit from your local auto parts store and follow directions but if it needs a charge it must have a leak. Have the leak repaired first. This is best done by a garage that does AC work.

How do you check AC lines for leaks?

Charge with leak detector

1997 suburban ac charge capacity?

4.4 Pounds

How do you charge the ac in a 1997 dodge ram 1500 ac problems?

I would charge it with Visa, it's more accepted around the word than any other credit card!

What is altemating current?

In alternating current (AC or ac) the movement of electric charge periodically reverses direction. Different from direct current (DC), the flow of electric charge is only in one direction.

Can you change a DC charge into an AC charge?

DC current is changed into AC current in typical automotive power inverters. These power inverters are used to power AC accessories like TVs and video games using the cigarette lighter outlet in an automobile.

Can capacitor store charge from ac source?

Yes. A capacitor stores charge from any source, including AC.The difference between DC and AC, however, is that the capacitor will be constantly changing in charge, in step with the AC. Due to the nature of the capacitor, the current through the capacitor will lead the voltage by some amount, depending on capacitance and resistance. {In the ideal case of a perfect capacitor, conductors, and AC power source, the current will lead the voltage by 90 degrees phase angle.}This is called capacitive reactance.Another way for a capacitor to store charge from an AC source, of course, is to place a rectifier diode in front of the capacitor. This, then, becomes an AC to DC converter.

How do you add freon to the AC unit of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

By buying an AC charge hose and a can or 2 of R134a freon (depending on how much your car needs) Attach hose to the low pressure side & charge system. Do not overcharge, or you may destroy the AC system.