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Blows out cold air threw defroster but not the ac vents?

Check for vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check for bad vacuum actuator under dash Defrost is the default setting

How do you replace 2004 ford explorer heater control door actuator control module?

Check for diagnostic information and a fix for the blend door/actuator problems endemic to this model.

When you shift into 4X4 on my 1996 Suburban it stays in 2High Why?

Need to check the 4x4 Actuator on the front housing to see if its working And there is a electric switch on the top of the transfur case that sends power to the front actuator that ingages ring and pinion. Be sure to check fuse with a test light ( Fuse Box )

How do you repair speedometer on a 2003 suburban?

To repair the speedometer on the 2003 Suburban, first check to see what is causing the malfunction. You might need to replace a fuse or even the cable.

How do you fix misfire on Chevy 94 suburban?

Check the spark plug for that cyclinder. Clean and regap it, or simply replace it.

The blower fan on 2002 Chevy suburban is weak can it be fixed or replace?

it can be replaced but check the resistors first they are probably the cause

1988 Chevy 2500 4wd trans engaguges but tires do not spin4wd light does not come on?

Need to check are replace the 4x4 actuator in the FRONT differential.

What would be the problem for rear defogger not working on a expedition?

Check that the wire on the rear defroster is connected to the defroster. If broken off repair it.

1993 Chevrolet Blazer 4 wheel drive does not engage?

Need to put truck in 4x4 with engine off, transmission in park key onTake a test light and check the wires on the Actuator, and see if they are hot.If they are hot Then replace the 4x4 Actuator in the front housing.If they are not, Then check the 4x4 fuse

How to troubleshoot rear window defroster 0n 2001 cavalier?

Check the fuse first. Then check, with a volt meter, to see if there is 12 volts D.C. to the defroster at the place where it is plugged in. If you have voltage then look at the defroster heat strips and check for a break somewhere. There are repair kits for a broken power strip. If the fuse is good and you have no voltage, check the wiring, switch, & relay.

What causes slack in your front drive axles on 1999 suburban?

The first thing to check and the cheapest to fix and replace are the U joints.

Why does your 4 wheel drive actuator receive vacuum but stilldoes not work on 1992 dodge Dakota?

Check the CAD, the diaphragm may be toast. just replace.

Why does your rear window defroster not work even though the light say its on in a 2005 BMW 525?

There can be several reasons a rear defroster fails even when the light on the defroster switch indicates it is on. The most likely reason is that one of the metal defroster tabs along the side of the back window has separated from the defroster. If the defroster tabs check out as still attached to the defroster then you need to do a little checking with a volt meter. The first thing to check is the voltage directly on the tabs themselves. This should be around 12-14 volts. If the voltage is zero then there is very likely a broken wire someplace between the defroster relay and the defroster. If you have 12-14 volts a the defroster tabs then there is something going on with the grid which is normally broken defroster elements, those long thin horizontal lines on the back window.

How do you fix the defroster on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

you have to make sure there is no short and check for voltage amount at the strips of the window to make sure defroster is working

Fix faulty daytime running lights 1996 chev suburban?

To fix faulty daytime running lights on a 1996 Chev Suburban, check if the bulbs are blown. If so, replace it. If the new bulbs are blown immediately upon replacement, check the wiring running to the headlights.

Your drive shaft is spinning but the wheel on your Chevy 4x4 wont turn when 4x4 is engaged?

If it has lock out hubs, Then you have a bad lock out on one side are the other. If it does not, Then the Actuator on the front housing is not ingaugeing. Need to check that with a test light. If it has power going to it , Then replace 4x4 Actuator. If no power then check 4x4 fuse in fuse box.

Could my '03 Honda Accord's passenger side power lock not be working because of the actuator even though it's not making a clicking sound as others who also have this issue have posted?

Certainly. the best way to find out is to test the connector at the actuator for current when the button is pushed. if no then check wiring and switches, if yes replace the actuator.

Front differential does not engage on your 1998 Chevy Z71?

There is a switch on the transfur case that sends power to the front differential 4x4 Actuator when you shift the 4x4 lever,need to check the switch with a test light to see if it has power going to it. If not then check fuse in fuse box for the 4x4, If it does have power going to it, then go to the front housing and check the Actuator with a test light to see if it has power going to it, if no power then problem is in the wireing from there back to the transfur case switch. If you do have power at the front, then replace the Actuator.

Blower works but can not control blower to panel defroster or floor?

Check your servos.

How do you fix a fuel door that will not shut on a Toyota RAV 4?

Check the latch to insure any adjustments are set correctly, as well as the cable. Check the latch for any bent or broken components. Clean and lubricate it. Check the release cable for kinking or binding, clean and lubricate it (internally). Check the actuator for breakage or binding. Clean and lubricate the actuator. Replace any parts that are damaged or don't operate properly after cleaning and lubrication.

How do you replace door handle 1997 Chevy Suburban?

how do you replace the door handle in a 1997 Chevy suburban passengers front door? Check out the GM truck forum here- nice step by step instructions with pictures

If 1993 suburban rear ac not cold how can check the expansion valve?

If 1993 suburban rear ac not cold how can check the expansion valve?

How do you check the shift lock actuator on ford 2005mustaNG?

If I'm not mistaken, the brake lights and the shift lock cicuit is protected by the same fuse, so if the brake lights are out, replace the fuse.

Where is the front differential actuator on a 1998 blazer?

The vacuum actuator is either in the fender or under the battery. The actually diff actuator is on the back/bottom of the front diff. Mine (2000 blazer) is under the battery. It sucks to get to. If you check the actuator and it doesn't move at all, check the vacuum, if it's not getting vacuum, check the switch on the top driver's side of the transfer case. It sends vacuum to the actuator. It has three vacuum hoses coming off of it. It costs fifteen dollars at autozone and usually greatly improves the performance of the acuator.

Will the transmission from a 1988 4x4 suburban fit into a 1978 gmc 4x4?

if the bolts line up but u'll have to replace flywheel or the torque converter, check spacing of bolts