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on top of the computer you should find a wiring harnes one of them dose not have a end. and that is war you plug it in. on the right kick panel.

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Q: How do you check engine codes on a 1990 lemans le with a 16 engine?
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What could make me lose speed in 5th gear in a 1990 jeep 4.2?

Check for codes if you have a check engine light illuminating.

Why would a 1990 olds ninety eight run rich when cold start Service engine and temp light on No codes?

If the check engine light is on with no codes, you have a wiring or computer issue.

How do you read check engine codes on a 1990 Mercedes 300e?

To read a check engine code a person will need a code reader. They can also take their vehicle to an Auto Zone store and have them read the codes and explain what they mean for free.

Where is fuse to radiator fan on a 1990 Pontiac lemans 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine?

its under the drivers side dase

How do you retrieve computer codes from a 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

turn the key on and off 3 times and count the check engine flashes

What does 1990 dodge spirit check engine code 55 mean?

55 Means End of Code... Its nothing to worry about. Just means there is no codes

How do you replace a head gasket on 1990 Pontiac lemans?

You don't

Engine codes Honda?

what is code 14 in Honda civic 1990

How do you retrieve the check engine light on a 1990 cavalier?

The check engine light cannot be retrieved on a 1990 Cavalier unless a problem develops with the engine. The engine can be checked for errors, though, by using a tester that is plugged into the vehicle's computer.

1990 dodge caravan 3.3l not getting fire to the ignition coil?

It could be the coil pack or the crankshaft position sensor. run the codes by turning the key on, off, on, off, on without turn the key to start position. shotly after the check engine light goes off, the check engine lght will flash 2 digit fault codes. if 11 is one of the codes its likely a bad crank sensor.

Why does your check engine light flash on your 1990 pathfinder?

If the check engine light is flashing it indicates that a cylinder misfire has been detected.

Why does my 1990 Chevrolet Silverado run for 30 minutes and the check engine light comes on when its warm It idles rough and dies on highway with a random check engine light?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and recover codes Could be a bad coolant temperature sensor

How do you reset 1990 Toyota Camry check engine light?

how to reset oil timing on 1990 toyota

What is the firing order for a 1991 Pontiac LeMans with a 1.6 Daewoo motor?

I have a 1990 Pontiac LeMans with a 1.6 Daewoo motor. The firing order is 1-2-4-3

Where is the connection to reset a check engine light on a 1990 Nissan pickup truck?

There is no OBD connection on a 1990 Nissan as that is an OBD1 vehicle not OBD2. However there is a way to read the codes.

How do you get the codes out of a 1990 dodge ram 250?

Cycle the ignition on/off/on/off/on and count the flashes of the check engine light. A pattern of two flashes, pause, two flashes would be a code 22.

How do you check codes on a 1990 f150 4x4?

Look under the lower dash by the transfer case shifter.

What are signs of a clogged mass air flow sensor on a 1990 Isuzu Amigo?

First, if you have a check engine light then have a shop scan for codes. That will tell you what is wrong. If it is bad then it will stall, hesitate, and blow out black smoke.

1990 Chevy s10 2.5 liter runs rich and idles rough?

If the check engine light comes on, have the codes read, they may lead you to the problem. It may be as simple as a faulty coolant temp sensor.

How to check if timing belt is broken on 1990 Mercury Tracer?

Remove distributor cap Have assistant crank engine and check to see if rotor is turning as engine is cranked

Interior color codes for 300e 1990 How do I read the factory color codes on the code metdalian in the engine compartment Which is the color code?


1990 Dodge Dakota engine light code?

obd (1) codes are generic, same for all domestic obd(1) two or three digit codes

Causes of engine over heating in a 1990 Mazda b 2200?

check thermostat is it opening at all check timing

How do you reset the factory installed audio system in a 1990 Honda Accord EX?

check with the dealer for the reset codes.

Check engine light code on 1990 Honda Accord?

I have a 1990 Honda accord ex and my check engine light the car goes form a high rev to a low rev when I first turn on the car. Is this a vacume line problem or a voltage problem?