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How do you check on the availability of a company name?

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2007-03-21 13:20:03

Search for registered trademarks at the U.S. Patent and

Trademark Office If you're worried about

duplicating someone else's company name locally, check locally. The

city or state may have a list of all companies registered as "doing

business" there. You may not use an identical name, but you might

use a similar name, as long as you do not sell similar products or

services. If your concerns are larger than local, then your budget

should include hiring an attorney to help "clear" the name for use

in other places, by checking out numerous state corporate and d/b/a

registries, state trademark registrations, trade journals, domain

names, as well as the federal trademark database mentioned by

another contributor. Start by using an ordinary online search

engine to find out who may already be using a similar name, where

they are, and what they sell.

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