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How do you check on the availability of a company name?

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Search for registered trademarks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office If you're worried about duplicating someone else's company name locally, check locally. The city or state may have a list of all companies registered as "doing business" there. You may not use an identical name, but you might use a similar name, as long as you do not sell similar products or services. If your concerns are larger than local, then your budget should include hiring an attorney to help "clear" the name for use in other places, by checking out numerous state corporate and d/b/a registries, state trademark registrations, trade journals, domain names, as well as the federal trademark database mentioned by another contributor. Start by using an ordinary online search engine to find out who may already be using a similar name, where they are, and what they sell.

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How do you come up with the name?

Well, each & every company should have their own domain name. But before register & buy the domain name we can check the availability of the domain name & as well as the extension as .com .edu .org .in etc., you can check the availability in the related links

Where can one check domain name availability?

There are several places on the internet where someone can check for domain name availability. Some good places to check are Instant Domain Search, and Go Daddy Domain Name Search.

How do I create a check domain name?

The website you are receiving the domain name from will usually check for you or have a name-checker where it is very easy to check the availability of a desired domain name.

How can you check website name availability?

There are plenty of places on the internet offering checking website name availability. However, one might want to check out the website instandomainsearch, or a free service like uk-webnames.

How can one check Internet domain availability?

There are a few ways to check internet domain availability. You can check out internet domain availability at websites such as checkdomain, whois, and instantdomainsearch.

How do you put availability in a sentence?

We will have to check the availability of the product at the shops.

How do you deposit a check made out to a person and a company?

i need to endorse the check with both the company and my name on it

How can someone check internet availability for Comcast?

Comast is a popular telecommunications company offering cable television, phone, and internet service. If a person wants to check for Comcast internet availability in their area, they only need to visit the Comcast website or call Comcast. Internet availability is based upon state of residence and zip code.

How do you cash a check made out to a person and a company?

If it is made out to 'you AND company' : you will have to sign the check, take it to 'company' and have them issue a check with your name only on it for any remainder that is yours.

How can travellers check room availability for hotels in Jacksonville?

There are many ways that a traveler could check room availability for hotels in the city of Jacksonville. One of the best ways to check room availability is to call a hotel and ask them.

How can you get free check stubs with a company name?

You cannot get free check stubs with a company name. This would be a form of forgery as then you could submit false information.

I am looking to rename my business so I need to know where can I check a business name's availability?

The best way to check if a name is available is by checking online at This is the official website in the U.S. to check for this.

What websites allow you to check domain name registrations?

Websites such as godaddy, checkdomain, namecheap, and networksolutions are good places to check domain name registrations and availability. All you need to do is type in the name of the domain you are interested in and click search.

What is a sentence with availability?

I'll need just a moment to check the doctor's availability for you.

What personal information do you need for a certified check?

Your name, the name of the person or company that you are sending it to and the amount you want the check made out for

How do you Audit of a legal department in a company?

you can check on the company official website by its name,registration number.

Are Sports Authority and Dicks owned by same company?

No, but their websites are made by the same company, GSI Commerce. This explains the similarities of the website. Also explains why you can not check "in-store availability" on products, like you can other retail websites that are ran by the actual company.

Where online can I check for a business name availability that I am interested in?

If you want to search a large database of businesses then this website is what you need, There you will able to find out if your name is taken or not.

Where can I find more about domain availability.?

One of the most popular websites to check for domain availability would be If the domain name is available they will allow you to purchase it a cost. You can also type the domain name you are interested in the URL bar and see if a website comes up.

Where can one check the available domain names?

There are numerous places where people can check the availability of domain names for example the website "checkdomain". When one has found a suitable domain name they may use a website such as "register365" to register the name.

What is stock availability?

Stock availability refers to how much stock is available for sale for a company that is publicly traded. Some companies may not have it for years.

What can you do if you have lost the policy and name of the company?

Check your check register. Business card file. Check records - it may show up somewhere.

Why the name came zigbee?

Please check your source, as it is not a recognized given or surname. It may be a company name.

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Is there a legal problem if a person buys a domain name with a product in it like Photoshop without contacting the company?

Yes it is it needs to be check through with company woooo Yes it is it needs to be check through with company woooo