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I have a 98 expedition, and i had a bad coil, they are hard to get to i guess some of them are way in the back toward the dash. if your check engine light is on, it should say " cylinder # misfire, then look in your manuel and see how the cylinders are are placed in the truck. When one of mine needed to be replaced , symptoms were, ideling funny, spitting and sputering ect pretty cheep fix around $200.00 coil/labor together.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:33:43
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Q: How do you check the coils on a 98 Expedition 54?
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distributor cap and rotor

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Check the Blender door... Also check the temp knobs they make be broken.

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When you find out let me know. My 2003 5.4 Expedition is doing it also. I have had the coils, wires, and plugs checks. The check engine light will come on, but it never stores a code for the machine to read??? I had the same problem with my 98 5.4L Expedition. Codes indicated bad 02 sensors. However, thanks to honest mechanic, vacuum hose leak was the culprit. Once 12 dollar hose was replaced, no more sputtering or hesitating. Worth a try.

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Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below;

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Check your owner manual. If you need a copy of a FREE manual. Click on the Related Links below. Check under fuses.

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