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you will have to remove the rear seat as the pump is located behind the backrest. To remove the back seat, you need an extension for your socket wrench and remove the two nuts which are about centered where each person sits. Then lift up the seat to clear four guide/retaining clips.

Having done that, next lift the cloth well that is glued to the top edge. Now you can see the pump/motor. it will have clear hydraullic lines on both sides and a electrical connection. There is a rubber plug on the side. Turn pump so this faces up. You will need about 2' of rubber hose or a funnel and a coffee can 1/2 full of trans fluid. Pull out the plug and insert hose from can to top up and down a couple times. This will fill and bleed the air out. You may need to do this 8-10 times. Don't let the motor get hot--it's not made to go more than a couple times without cooling off. Replace plug and inspect lines for leaks.

I have a 95 cutlass supreme, and the pump is visible and accessible from the trunk. Just lift up the cloth bag that the top folds into and you will see it. It is a long reach through the trunk. My plug was on top of the unit, so I did not have to remove the unit; just unplug and refill.

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How do you check the hydraulic pressure for my 1972 olds cutlass convertible?

a trans pressure shoul do

Cutlass convertible top fuse?

How can i find the fuse for the drop top 93 cutlass

How rare is a 1965 Cutlass convertible?

very, hold on to it..

Where is the Convertible top fuse located on a cutlass?

It is important to know the location of the fuses of the electrical components of a vehicle. The convertible top fuse in a Cutlass is located in the fuse box under the dashboard.Ê

Will a 1970 cutlass front bumper fit on a 1969 cutlass convertible?

No only 1970. 71 and 72 are interchangeable

How many 1994 convertible cutlass supremes were built?

There were a reported 8,638 Olds Cutlass Supreme convertibles sold in 1994

Can a 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme be turned into a convertible?

If you have enough $, yes

How do you adjust the valves on a 1993 Olds Cutlass Supreme?

They are hydraulic and not adjustable

What is the value of a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible?

Go to and figure it out.

What is the make of the convertible in the allegra commercial?


How do you check 1993 Oldsmobile cutlass hydraulic fluid convertible top?

all of the components for the top, including a plug in the side of the motor to fill with fluid from are under the back seat area. Refill for fluid is dex trans fluid.

How much does it cost to buy a 1972 cutlass convertible?

Try using eBay or craiglist for a reference

Where is the convertible top motor on a 1994 Cutlass Supreme Convertible?

the convert top motor is in the trunk behind the vinyl top collector or the vinyl top shoot. you cant miss it.

Where is the low pressure port on a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass?

The low pressure port on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass is between the compressor and the firewall. It is on the larger hose attached to the compressor.

How do you replace a 1972 cutlass convertible top switch?

It is done from behind the dash, pull down vent ducts, carefully remove connector, It pulls straight off, There are 2 hex head screws that hold the switch in. If you google cutlass convertible switch you will find a few sources for new ones.

What is the capacity of the gas tank on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

According to, the fuel capacity for the 1994 Cutlass Supreme is 16.5 gallons. Many years ago I owned a 1968 Cutlass Supreme convertible--a very fun car.

What type fluid is used in the hydraulics for the convertible top on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?


Is there a 1972 Oldsmobile cutlass cs map light on the mirror option?

Yes, My 72 Olds Cutlass convertible came with the light option package which included a map light in the rear view mirror.

How do you change the headlight on a Cutlass Supreme 1994?

Is this a sedan or coupe/convertible? The sedans had the common setup and the coupe/convertibles had the mini-quads.

Tire pressure for 95 olds cutlass supreme?

44 psi

How do you replace the convertible top on a 1993 olds cutlass supreme?

If you have never done one before. Don't without the correct manual in front of you.

Can 22 inch rims fit on a 1994 Old Cutlass Convertible?

10/22-inch Dayton Rams with trues and Vogue tires on a 1994 Cutlass supreme

What is the fuel pressure for Olds Cutlass 2.8?

On an Olds Cutlass 2.8, the fuel pressure should be between 40 and 47 psi with the engine off. With the engine running, it should be between 30 and 44 psi.

Where is an oil pressure switch on a 1995 cutlass supreme?

The oil pressure switch on a 1995 cutlass supreme is located under the hood front center of the oil pan. It is right beside the oil filter.?æ

What is the tire pressure for a 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass seirra?

30 to 32 lbs