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How do you choose a used mini cooper?

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2010-06-11 20:39:19

You skip past the red ones and go for a decent colour. Also, go

for the Cooper 'S'. They are supercharged and give such a better


Make sure the car has a full maintenance record and is in good

condition. Get a Carfax or vehicle history report or HPI done on

the car. If it's been damaged, leave it alone.

Shop around and get the best price. Try searching on

for a used car that is from a Mini dealer. If you have no

experience in buying a used car, take a friend along who knows

about cars.

Good luck, you are about to buy the best affordable drivers car

in the world.

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You can make use of cars classifieds found on newspapers or in the

internet to locate all the available used Mini Coopers in your

target area. Compare used car values and cars pricing to determine

which unit will give you the best deal. Work out a negotiation with

the owner but of course always ask for the cars history. This way,

you can get the car that you like and the deal that is best for

your budget.

Generally they hold their value very well so getting a used one

will only save one or two thousand.

getting a super charged version is great because of the

response, performance...ect

but you also have to look at the long run. very expensive to


forgot where they get their engine from but their very


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