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How do you choose house paint color?

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June 16, 2011 4:33AM

It all depends on the color that you want to paint your house.

The materials on your home usually dictate a certain range of colors that will look good. Sometimes the range is narrow, as on houses with pinkish or red brick. On these type of homes a neutral like taupe, khaki or gray is typically best. Other materials, like the very old blonde brick, allow for much more flexibility in trim colors. I've seen golds, plums, greens, terracottas paired with an earthtone on blonde houses and they looked charming. On multi-colored brick homes, most folks pull one or two colors from the brick itself to use on the trim.

If the home is all wood or stucco, it can generally support much more color and more vivid color. But consider the era of the home, and what other neighbors have done. Ideally, you are shooting for something that is unique or has some punch, without being garish or tacky. When in doubt, break up a stronger color with plenty of white, gray, brown, or a touch of black on certain parts of the trim and detailing.

I like to look at the immediate neighbors and try not to copy any of them directly. Again, just to give your home a little individuality.

Most importantly, buy samples of the paint colors you're considering, and mock up fairly big sections of the home with them. Never chose a color strictly from a paint chip. If you're still having problems, you could see if your area has a Color Consultant. Many big cities like Dallas will have a paint color help specialist.