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It all depends on the color that you want to paint your house.

The materials on your home usually dictate a certain range of colors that will look good. Sometimes the range is narrow, as on houses with pinkish or red brick. On these type of homes a neutral like taupe, khaki or gray is typically best. Other materials, like the very old blonde brick, allow for much more flexibility in trim colors. I've seen golds, plums, greens, terracottas paired with an earthtone on blonde houses and they looked charming. On multi-colored brick homes, most folks pull one or two colors from the brick itself to use on the trim.

If the home is all wood or stucco, it can generally support much more color and more vivid color. But consider the era of the home, and what other neighbors have done. Ideally, you are shooting for something that is unique or has some punch, without being garish or tacky. When in doubt, break up a stronger color with plenty of white, gray, brown, or a touch of black on certain parts of the trim and detailing.

I like to look at the immediate neighbors and try not to copy any of them directly. Again, just to give your home a little individuality.

Most importantly, buy samples of the paint colors you're considering, and mock up fairly big sections of the home with them. Never chose a color strictly from a paint chip. If you're still having problems, you could see if your area has a Color Consultant. Many big cities like Dallas will have a paint color help specialist.

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What color would you choose to paint your beautiful house?

Purple is the most beautiful and lavishing colour to paint the house.

How do you paint a build a bear house?

First, go to the outside of your house. Look on the right side of the screen and you will see a paint brush. Click on the paint brush, choose a color, and click the part of the house you want to paint. Do the same thing for the inside.

If your neighbors house is Mint Green what color should you paint your house?

Don't paint your house, paint your neighbors house!!!

How can you choose colors to paint your house?

you have to choose an what your house looks like then look at the houses around you if you want it to blend in look at them and choose a color that will blend in but choose a color that isn't the same if you want it to stand out choose a color a that's out of this world if you want to blend but not choose a color that isn't the same as the other ones but it won't standout as much. like a nice forest green or a nice baby blue.

What color should you paint your rental house?

If, and only if, your rental agreement allows you the freedom to paint your house then you may paint it whatever color you find appealing. Most rental agreement allow you to paint (the interior) any light or neutral color within reason. If you choose to paint a darker color or one that is unusual, be prepared to return it to the ordinal color (repaint before you move out). Most people do not stay in a rental unit for extended periods of time and therefore choose not to paint twice, once when they move in and again when they move out (to return the unit to its original color). As for the exterior of your rental house, I suggest you talk to your landlord. Exterior painting is not usually undertaken as often as interior painting, there are frequently restrictions on the color/colors that can be used, and in many cases the landlord will either pay for the paint (you supply the labor) or hire the job done.

Exterior House Paint ?

form_title= Exterior House Paint form_header= Paint your home a new color. What color do you want to paint your home?*= _ [50] What type of siding do you have installed?*= _ [50] Do you want eco friendly paint?*= () Yes () No

How do you paint a Yamaha blaster?

Use adhesion promoter from Duplicolor on the plastic, then choose your paint color!

What is the best type of paint to use to paint the stairway inside your home?

well to me it depends on what the collor of the walls are in your house or the maincolor when you decide that you have your amswer to the color to paint your house stairs. well to me it depends on what the collor of the walls are in your house or the maincolor when you decide that you have your amswer to the color to paint your house stairs.

House Paint Colors?

form_title= House Paint Colors form_header= Paint your home a new color and make it an extension of your personality. What is the current color of the home?*= _ [50] What room do you want to paint*= _ [50] What color do you want to paint the room?*= _ [50]

What method do I use to exterior paint my house?

The exterior of my house needs a new paint job. I have the color and type of paint, I just dont know the best method to paint it. How do I know what method to exterior paint my house?

How do you paint the figurines on Build-a-Bearville?

You can paint them! When decorating your house if you click on it it will give you a color palette and you can paint it!

What is the name is the white paint used for the White House?

The official color of the paint for the White House is "Whisper White;" it takes 570 gallons to paint the exterior.

What can one find on Behr paint colours site?

I am trying to choose how am I going to paint my house. How can Behr paint colors help me?

What is the effect of light on the color of paint?

eventually the paint will peel, the color will faid and the wood on the wall will get sun rotted and the house will fall apart.

How do you change your clothes color on wizard101?

In the shopping district, go to the dye shop, which is the house with a paint bucket (or a brush, if I'm wrong). In there, just select whatever you want to change color to and then choose the color(s) you want to change the item into.

Is paint a heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Paint is homogeneous unless there is something in the paint that makes it not one solid color. House paint is heterogeneous because it is always mixed with several different chemicals for the walls of the house.

Where can purchase exterior paint for my house?

I believe sherman williams have a tons of paint for you to choose from. It certainly will have something you can do painting of the exterior of house with. I mean it would make sense if it did.

Why is it hard to paint using accent base paint?

Looking at user comments, it seems that the brand of paint you choose will make a difference as to how many coats of paint you will need to get the results (depth or evenness of color). The accent paint will be the lighter color of the two. Evermore or Valspar were recommended.

How do you fill a layer in Photoshop?

Choose the tool button that looks like a Paint Bucket. If you choose the color you want, all you have to do is click in the middle of a layer to fill it with the selected color

What was the color of gail langer karwoski's house?

When Gail Langer Karwoski was in third grade, her and her family moved to Brookline, Massachusetts. Karwoski's parents allowed to her to choose the outside color of their house. And guess what color she choose? PINK!

Why should I paint my house before I sell it?

painting your home, inside and outside, is a great investment before selling it. Choose a nice neutral color, i.e. beige or white for the trim so any other colors you choose will stand out

Can an appraiser have you paint your house if house was originally painted with lead paint and house is peeling?

Appraisers can't "have you" do anything ! -They give advice and an opinion on worth, or value of your home. If you choose to ignore their opinion, that's your right.

How do you choose what color your lasers are on civilization stage on spore?

Goto paint section at 1st stage then click the color laser u want Paint secton first find mate then Goto paintbrush and click any color

House Paint?

form_title= House Paint form_header= Paint your home with help from the pros. What is the square footage of the area?*= _ [50] What color paint do you need?*= _ [50] Will you be doing the painting yourself?*= () Yes () No Do you need any other equipment?*= () Yes () No

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