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If you are using a commercial pattern, you can find the elastic requirements on the back of the envelope. For children's clothing such as pjs, I like to use the "soft stretch" elastic. I also use the non-roll elastic quite a bit. Don't be embarassed to ask for assistance when you purchase your elastic. Sewers are the nicest people!

2006-08-06 02:44:36
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Q: How do you choose the correct elastic to use for a sewing project?
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Sewing with shearing elastic?


What is a sewing notion?

Notions are things such as thread, elastic, zippers, lace, bias tape, etc. Basically the accessories you will need while making the project.

Shearing elastic in sewing machine what stitch to use?

I've tried using your method but elastic does not gather.

What are the release dates for Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Sew Elastic-Stretch Your Options?

Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Sew Elastic-Stretch Your Options was released on: USA: 16 January 2011

How do you make elastic pant cuffs?

Elastic pant cuffs can be made by sewing an elastic band inside the hem of the pants. Use a seam ripper to loosen the threads of the hem, then insert an elastic band and resew the hem.

When purchasing notions for a sewing project you should choose thread that's?

You should choose thread that complements your fabric. If your fabric is a synthetic blend, your thread should be a blend, too. If your fabric is not a blend, your thread shouldn't be either.

What is a pattern guide sheet for sewing?

A Pattern Guide Sheet is sheet included with a sewing pattern that gives specific instructions for cutting out and sewing the project.

How do you put shearing elastic into the top of a dress using a sewing machine?

Shirring a dress is as easy as sewing a simple straight stitch. Purchase elastic thread from your local fabric store. Load a bobbin with the elastic thread and sew several horizontal lines around the neck line for as far down as you wish the shirring to go. Make sure the elastic is on the wrong side of the fabric.

Can you use sewing thread to bead with?

Beading thread is usually finer (thinner) and stronger than sewing thread. There are so many different kinds of sewing thread, it's hard to answer your question. Using the correct thread for the project is important in you want your work to last. You can get a sense of pride for a job well done.

Should you keep your stitches covered?

Do you mean stitches sewed into your body, or a sewing project/repair project?

How do you pronounce sewing?

The correct pronunciation is: "SOW-ing".

What are the benefits of using a sewing machine?

Using a sewing machine instead of hand sewing can provide many benefits. It is faster and more consistant than hand sewing. This saves time and produces a better quality project.

When sewing a waistband how do you determine how much elastic to use?

You use 1" more than the waist you're sewing for. This allows for a 1" overlap to sew the elastic together securely. Answer two: Per this entry from Threads Magazine online: The length of elastic should be shorter than the waist seam (after seams and darts are sewn). How much shorter depends on the combination of fabric, lining and elastic. On lightweight fabric with lightweight lining, use clear elastic, and pull the elastic gently as you sew it in place. If the fashion fabric is corduroy or cotton twill with a medium lining, use braided elastic, and stretch the elastic more as you sew it in place because heavy or firm fabrics put more pressure on the elastic.

Who built the fir st sewing machine?

well, i am doing a project on sewing. i got a sewing machine for Christmas 2010. Elias Howe made the first sewing machine ever. i hope that i helped you out. 2-24-11

What type of needle should you use when sewing on elastic?

Depending on your elastic's thickness and how much fabric you are guiding into the elastic, I would use a standard needle (12) with a stretch stitch on my machine. Kate

Who designed the Logica sewing machine?

Giorgetto Giugiaro. Famous car designer. Doing a project on him at university but can't find a picture of this sewing machine

What would be a good sewing project that is not clothing or a bag?

Blanket, table cloth, placemat.

Where can a person purchase a variety of trims for their sewing needs?

There are a number of places to purchase a variety of trims for sewing. JoAnn's Fabrics is filled with everything a person could possibly need for any sewing project. Michael's also has sewing supplies but the variety is more limited.

How do you sew elastic onto a fabric?

A contributor named Amanda Mangan contributed this suggestion on "I have a great method for making the casing for an elastic band without having to feed the elastic through the casing. On the wrong side of the fabric, stretch out the elastic around the place you want the casing, until the elastic ends meet. Make sure you leave the fabric allotment on top for the casing. Tightly pin down the elastic. Sew the elastic onto the fabric straight through the middle of the elastic. Just finish by folding the casing over the elastic and sewing in place."

Why is it important that the tension on a sewing machine is correct?

It is important that the tension on a sewing machine is correct because the tension is what regulates thread while it is sewing the stitches. If the tension is too tight for the fabric and thread, the thread will break. If the tension is too loose, the thread will ball up on the bottom of the fabric.

Does Brother make an embroidery machine for sewing?

Yes, Brother does have some nice modes of sewing machines specifically for embroidery. The Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery/ Sewing Machine and the Brother LB6770PRW Project Runway Sewing-and-Embroidery Machine are two highly recommended ones.

Did a seamstress in 1700 use a sewing machine?

somebody answer this pronto i have a project due and need this info.

How hard is it to use the 'design your own stitch' feature of the Project Runway Sewing Machine?

It's very easy and straightforward. The Project Runway Sewing Machine has been designed with the home user in mind, so all of the features are easy to use and logical.

What is hand sewing thread used for?

Hand sewing is done by using a needle with thread, and joining two fabrics with the thread. Generally, for hand sewing, you would choose a thread size based on what you're sewing. The higher the wt number, the lighter (or finer) the thread is.

How do you spell sutoring?

The correct spelling of the word for sewing up a wound is suturing.